A new year is a great time to look forward, and we’re getting excited about the quincentennial of the discovery of Florida in 2013. As we work on plans to mark the occasional, we thought it’d be interesting to look back at our 67-year history. So, just for fun, here are the top-ten bestselling titles (combining multiple bindings and multiple editions, when possible) published by the University Press of Florida since 1945.

Best Sellers by Units:

10. History of Andersonville Prison
The oldest title on this list (originally published in 1968), this book has never gone out of print, and it was recently released in a revised edition.

9. Vegetable Gardening in Florida
Originally published in 1999, sales of this book have been steadily climbing for the past six years.

8. Critical Theory Since 1965
Sadly, after 25 years, this book will soon go out of print.

7. The Florida Lawn Handbook
Now in it’s third edition, this book is a perennial best-seller.

6. The Highwaymen
One of three books on these self-taught African American landscape painters we have published

5. Totch
This book will celebrate it’s 20th anniversary in 2013, and it still sells as many a year as it did when it was new.

4. Florida: A Short History
First published in 1993 and revised in 2003, this remains the best single-volume concise history of the Sunshine State.

3. Classical Ballet Technique
The most authoritative text on the subject for more than two decades.

2. Florida Landscape Plants
First edition was described in a review as “The Bible of Florida landscaping.”

1. Columbia Restaurant Spanish Cookbook
If you haven’t eaten there yet, you’re missing out!


And, because it’s always interesting to compare the differences, here are the top ten
Best Sellers by Dollars:

10. Atlas of Florida

9. Ecosystems of Florida

8. The New History of Florida

7. Totch

6. Florida: A Short History

5. Florida Landscape Plants

4. The Highwaymen

3. Critical Theory Since 1945

2. Columbia Restaurant Spanish Cookbook

1. Classical Ballet Technique

Disappointed that your favorite University Press of Florida Book didn’t make the lists? Well, give it time–and encourage your friends to buy more copies!


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