Rounding out my first month as marketing manager at the University Press of Florida (UPF), I’m making my debut post to let you know that our blog has a new name: The Florida Bookshelf. And because many of you might not know my name yet. Hi, I’m Teal.

My first month in Gainesville has been action-packed. I’ve had an alligator encounter, hiked more than 100 miles through beautiful hammocks, swamps, and plains, eradicated an army of cockroaches from my new condo, and done something I previously believed impossible: adjusted to the humidity. As a Michigan transplant, I actually consider these things triumphs. In the office at UPF, things have been equally exciting, and probably a lot safer. Social media doesn’t bite. Alligators do.

You can expect to “see” a lot more of me here on The Florida Bookshelf in the future. As some of you may have guessed, the blog name and address change was made to avoid being confused with The Florida Current, a non partisan media organization that reports on politics and policy. Along with the name change announcement, there are a number of other things that have been in the works.

Here’s a little preview of what you’ll find on The Florida Bookshelf over the next several months:

  • Publication Announcements: Starting soon, we’ll be posting information about all of our new books as they arrive. This will be the place to go for what’s hot off the press.
  • A guest post reflecting on the upcoming Presidential Election by Edward O. Frantz, author of “The Door of Hope: Republican Presidents and the First Southern Strategy: 1877-1933.”
  • 2012 has been a year of forays into exciting new publishing territories for UPF, namely postcards and digital shorts. Stay tuned to learn more about both of these.

Additionally, UPF will be participating in the Association of American University Presses’ virtual blog tour, during the first annual University Press Week, November 11 – 17.

You always know that you have “arrived” when your desk phone starts to ring, signifying that people know who you are, where to find you, and what you can do for them. It’s a good feeling, and I welcome you to be in touch if you ever have publicity or promotions questions about UPF books: tas at upf dot com or (352) 392-1351 x 209.


Teal Amthor-Shaffer

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