Beginning January 1, 2013, Amy Gorelick will be shifting roles within the University Press of Florida’s acquisitions department to serve as a Senior Acquisitions Editor.

Gorelick has chosen to step down from her current position as Editor-In-Chief in order to devote more time and energy to something about which she is extremely passionate: actively acquiring new material.

“At this point in my career, I want to get back to focusing my efforts on acquiring books, rather than splitting my mental resources between acquisitions and management duties.  This was by no means an easy decision, but I think it is best one for me, and for the press,” says Gorelick. She has acquired over 300 titles for UPF, including award-winners and Choice Outstanding Academic Titles. In 2007 she served as the program chair for Southern University Presses, and she is a member of the AAUP Professional Development Committee.

UPF Director, Meredith Morris-Babb recognizes Gorelick’s considerable contribution to the Press over the years: “Amy began her career here as an intern in 1997 and was hired as a full-time editorial assistant before assuming increasing levels of responsibility within the acquisitions department. It’s difficult to imagine what our list would look like without Amy. Her acquisitions have played an essential role in shaping our collection and we’re looking forward to her continued contributions.”

Morris-Babb will act as Interim Editor-In-Chief until further notice.

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