January was an incredibly action-packed month in the world of marketing UPF books, as our staff collectively got ready for the spring season. (That’s my way of saying, “hey, sorry for the blog silence.”) We’re delighted to bring this new title about the indigenous inhabitants of Chile, the Mapuche, to your attention.

Mapuche_in_Modern_Chile_RGBThe Mapuche in Modern Chile: A Cultural History

by Joanna Crow

Pubdate: 1/29/13

Today in Chile, a group of indigenous inhabitants called the Mapuche is fighting to regain and protect the land their ancestors once lived in and revered.

In recent years, the situation has been pushed too far to be ignored. Protests, violence, and fires have confounded many a government official, and there is no easy solution to the conflict in sight.

Are the Mapuche powerless, desperate victims? Or are they more forceful in Chilean politics than many people realize? Just in, this timely book will help you see this current issue from the wider vista of Mapuche cultural history.

The author, Joanna Crow, was recently interviewed by Chileno magazine. You can read it here.

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