Meet the newest additions to our acclaimed Florida James Joyce Series!

Renascent_Joyce_RGBRenascent Joyce

Edited by Daniel Ferrer, Sam Slote, and André Topia

Pubdate: 2/19/13

This is the first book to examine Joyce’s connection to the Renaissance in such figures as Shakespeare, Rabelais, and Bruno. Discover the countless ingenious ways revival, reinvention, and regeneration–Renaissance ideals–pervade Joyce’s writing.

Attentive to the current state of Joyce studies, the writers of these extensively researched essays show how Joyce exhibits the spirit of the greatest of Renaissance writers and artists.

Before_Daybreak_RGBBefore Daybreak: “After the Race” and the Origins of Joyce’s Art

by Cóilín Owens

Pubdate: 2/26/13

If you’ve read Dubliners, James Joyce’s collection of short stories set in early 20th-century Ireland, you might remember a brief story about an automobile race, a young college student named Jimmy Doyle, and Jimmy’s glamorous and wealthy European “friends.”

You will not believe how much this story can reveal. Dig into Joyce’s short story “After the Race” with lifelong Irish literary scholar Cóilín Owens, and watch this one small tale explode into a staggering Joycean universe.

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