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Quotable_Henry_Ford_CMYKThe Quotable Henry Ford

Edited by Michele Wehrwein Albion

Pubdate: 3/5/13

Henry Ford was a man who had an opinion on pretty much everything, and he was someone that pretty much everybody had their own opinion about, too.

This collection of folksy wisdom from controversial automaker Henry Ford features a selection of his memorable remarks on everything from world peace to cheating husbands. Once his success had made him famous, Ford began to view himself as a philosopher, on the same plane as historical figures like Benjamin Franklin. This led him to compile notebooks full of phrases he deemed clever or insightful, helping to preserve revealing insights into the man behind the Model T.

This expansive selection includes Ford’s opinions on age and aging: “Why, I never think of diminishing days. I’m living in today, not tomorrow or yesterday. Yesterday has been taken care of and tomorrow will take care of itself,” as well as more bizarre commentary. In 1939, the comic strip Little Orphan Annie featured a storyline where Annie loses her dog, Sandy. Ford sent a plea via telegram after seeing the comic, stating, “Please make every effort to find Sandy.” The book also features a section of others’ quotes on Ford, including Charles Lindbergh, Adolf Hitler, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and artist Diego Rivera.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Henry Ford’s birth, and a number of celebrations are planned throughout the country during 2013.

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