Congratulations to recent University Press of Florida award winners! You can learn more about each of these books by clicking on the title.

Florida Historical Society

The Florida Historical Society book awards were presented in late May at the 2013 FHS annual meeting. Among the winners were two UPF authors:




Robert Kerstein‘s Key West on the Edge: Inventing the Conch Republic was awarded the Charlton Tebeau Award for a general interest book on a Florida history topic.







Stacy Braukman‘s Communists and Perverts Under the Palms: The Johns Committee in Florida, 1956-1965 won the Rembert Patrick Award for a scholarly book on a Florida history topic.




Society for American Archaeology



Hillforts of the Ancient Andes: Colla Warfare, Society, and Landscape by Elizabeth Arkush won the Society for American Archaeology 2012 Book Award. This book investigates the Colla people, who controlled the high-altitude plains near Lake Titicaca in southern Peru by 1000 AD. The SAA award committee says Hillforts of the Ancient Andes is “the ideal combination of new data and relevant theory with connections and implications for larger anthropological issues of statecraft and warfare.”



British Association for American Studies



Hard Labor and Hard Time: Florida’s “Sunshine Prison” and Chain Gangs, by Vivien M. L. Miller, was awarded honourable mention in the eighth annual British Association for American Studies book prize. Hard Labor and Hard Time explores conditions in Florida’s state prison system between 1910 and 1957. Vivien Miller examines the experiences of the prisoners as well as the guards and other prison personnel in this comprehensive, groundbreaking study.

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