Kunerth pbk cover finalTrout: A True Story of Murder, Teens, and the Death Penalty

by Jeff Kunerth

“A fascinating and volatile topic.”—Publishers Weekly

“Tracks the downward journey of three adolescents involved in the 1991 robbery of a Trout Auto Parts store in Pensacola, FL, during which a clerk named Billy Wayne Coker was shot and killed. . . . Kunerth uses this obscure case to demonstrate the disturbing ease with which juveniles are transformed into adults in Florida’s justice system.”—Columbia Journalism Review

“Gripping and easy to read. . . .openly discusses and encourages participation of the audience within the debate of the juvenile justice system and the use of the death penalty and life sentences on juveniles.” – Southern Historian

“True crime is chilling. Trout . . . is absolutely no exception.”—The Allure of Books


Forever_Young_RGBForever Young: A Life of Adventure in Air and Space

by John W. Young with James R. Hansen

Foreword by Michael Collins

“Packed with minute technical detail that space enthusiasts will devour, Young’s story also reveals [the] personal side of the program. . . .There are also tales of pranks, mishaps, and corned beef in space. At 82, Young hasn’t lost his enthusiasm for space exploration, one that he communicates on every page.” – Publishers Weekly

“A fascinating life.”—Space Review

“For those fortunate enough to remember an America fully caught up in the race to the Moon, for those whose memories of the Space Shuttle are already dimming, and for all those in between with even the slightest passion for science, aviation, or spaceflight, this book provides a fascinating walk through time, from a captivating past to an uncertain future. To paraphrase the rock band Rush, Forever Young provides story after story of a life filled with magic days when super-science mingled with the bright stuff of dreams.” – Quest: A History of Spaceflight Quarterly

“An intensely enjoyable book.”—AmericaSpace.com

“If you have been waiting for a book from the only moonwalker without one you will not be disappointed with Forever Young. John W. Young, with James R. Hansen, has written the epic story if his life not only of adventure, but service to his country and inspiration for the future.”—Ad Astra

“An incredible read, fast paced at times with great insight into Young’s mind as he takes you with him as he soars into earth orbit and upon the vast ocean of space.”—Examiner.com


Bottlenose_Dolphin_RGBThe Bottlenose Dolphin: Biology and Conservation

by John E. Reynolds, III, Randall S. Wells, and Samantha D. Eide

“Probably the most comprehensive single piece of work ever done on bottlenose dolphins, the book represents a milestone for all those who are interested in the cetacean. . . . Stands as an essential reference.”—Marine Mammal Science

“It is hard to imagine a better resource.”—Aquatic Mammals

“Clear and compelling.”—Publishers Weekly

“Comprehensive overview of the species, its evolution, place in ancient and modern myth, behavior, ecology, reproduction, and genetics.”—Florida Times-Union

“A concise overview of a species that has fascinated humans for at least 3,000 years.”—Biology Digest

“Covers everything from the historical myths about dolphins to their daily lives.”—EcoFlorida

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