From Miami to Chile to the moon, the authors of these 2013 UPF books have traveled far and their books showcase a wealth of histories and experiences. Throughout the last twelve months, these books have set out on journeys of their own to reach readers across the world. Take a look at where they’ve been over the past year and help us celebrate some of their successes with this look at 2013 review highlights.

Field to Feast TINY“Lavishly illustrated” Field to Feast appeared in the Boston Globe 

and inspired the Wall Street Journal to wonder,  “Is Florida the Next Foodie Hot Spot?”

Fringe Florida lured Library Journal to the wild side of the state: “Travelers familiar with the Florida tourist havens of Miami Beach, Orlando, and Tampa will be amazed by what there is to discover by exploring the less familiar towns and byways.”

Publishers Weekly reveled in Forever Young, a book “space enthusiasts will devour,”

loved the “humorous, honest, and often touching” Alligators in B-Flat,


admired Barbara Olschner’s courage in her “honest, fast-paced memoir,” The Reluctant Republican,

highlighted the “bold case” of Selling Guantánamo,

and was stunned by the “haunting images” in Flowers in the Desert.

Kathleen Kaska, author of The Man Who Saved the Whooping Crane, gave Audubon Magazine insight into the “remarkable feat” of Robert Porter Allen.

Calling Me Home made a lot of reading lists:

Uprooted Music Revue‘s 15 Favorite Books of 2012,

Engine 145’s Best Music Books of 2012,

and Publishers Weekly’s Focus on Music 2012.

Excerpts from Homegrown in Florida whet readers’ appetite in the Tampa Bay Times (and don’t forget these photos!)

and the book was celebrated in the Miami Herald.

Meanwhile, the “fevered Florida noirs” of Redheads Die Quickly joined other vintage crime reprints in The Seattle Times,

along with a Gil Brewer Retrospective in the Los Angeles Review of Books.

The New York Times was charmed by the way Gene Shinn “sets aside convention for curiosity” in Bootstrap Geologist.

Foreign Affairs had great things to say about Cuban Revelations,

and so did Library Journal: “A must-read for Cuba watchers and readers wanting to understand the island. Essential for a sharper grasp of Cuban-American relations and the role American politics plays.”

Tim Cole, British Ambassador to Cuba, agreed.

Tim Cole tweet 2

We’re looking forward to an even better 2014! Stay tuned for more review highlights throughout the upcoming year.

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