UPF books received some great reviews in January! See what people have been saying about our books over the past month.


Library Journal reviewed Michele Albion’s The Quotable Eleanor Roosevelt:


Fringe Florida: Travels among Mud Boggers, Furries, Ufologists, Nudists, and Other Lovers of Unconventional Lifestyles

By Lynn Waddell

“Waddell has the reporter’s eye for odd detail (even amid an abundance of oddity) and the reporter’s knack for getting people with underground stories to tell them anyway. … Fringe Florida is a fun tour, smoothly written. … If like many folks you sometimes think you might be a bit odd, take heart. Read this book. You’re as normal as blueberry pie.”Florida Book Review

Picturing Black New Orleans: A Creole Photographer’s View of the Early Twentieth Century

By Arthé A. Anthony

“A fascinating mix of memoir and family history that brings to light the challenges of being a black woman photographer during the turn of the twentieth century. … Illustrates a Creole woman’s desire to contribute her art to the broader black arts movement during the early twentieth century and depict her surrounding community with dignity and care.”Journal of American Ethnic History

Black Art in Brazil: Expressions of Identity

By Kimberly L. Cleveland

“[Cleveland] looks, in an intelligent and instructive way, at the integral nature of black experience within the vibrant cultural fabric of Brazilian life.”—The Americas: A Quarterly Review of Latin American History

“Five Brazilian artists are featured…who each add an important portion to the overall Brazilian art canon as well as Brazilian black art.”—ARLIS/NA Reviews

Distilling the Influence of Alcohol: Aguardiente in Guatemalan History

Edited by David Carey Jr.

“Takes a significant step in ‘decaffeinating’ Guatamalan history. …An innovative entrant in what will surely be an expanding field of study.”—Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology

Bootstrap Geologist: My Life in Science

By Gene Shinn

“[This] highly readable book looks at some of the most important issues facing Florida and the world, explaining them in layman’s terms that draw a reader into the heart of the scientific debate.”Bay Soundings

Digging Miami

By Robert S. Carr

“Bob Carr tells the stories of ancient southeastern Florida with the unique voice of Miami-Dade’s first county archaeologist. … It is a blend of historical research, larger than life characters, hard to believe events, and little-known artifacts and sites woven together in the best tradition of archaeological storytelling.”—Florida Historical Quarterly

Check back next month for highlights from February reviews!

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