The Life and Lies of Paul Crouch: Communist, Opportunist, Cold War Snitch

by Gregory S. Taylor

“Incisive, provocative, thoughtful, jargon-free, a good read.”—Daniel Leab, author of I Was a Communist for the FBI

After fifteen years of devoted service, Paul Crouch left the Communist Party as public perceptions of Communism shifted in the years following World War II. He became a paid government informer and zealous advocate for the anti-Communist movement: he named Robert Oppenheimer, Charlie Chaplin, and many others as Communists, stated that the Communist conspiracy had reached the very doorsteps of the White House, and claimed the civil rights movement was Communist inspired. Though much of his testimony was later exposed as perjury, Paul Crouch remained defiant to the end. This book tells the fascinating story of one person who was dedicated to both sides of the Cold War divide.

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