Collectors, Collections, and Collecting the Arts of China: Histories and Challenges

Edited by Jason Steuber, with Guolong Lai

Essential reading for anyone interested in how the passion of collecting, that pursuit of beautiful and compelling objects, contributed to the formation of our present-day understanding and appreciation of Chinese art.—Kris Imants Ercums, Curator of Asian Art, Spencer Museum of Art at the University of Kansas

With the wax and wane of the relationship between China and the West, art collectors have had to adjust to major changes in access to Chinese art. This book explains exactly why, and looks at the history of specific dealers and collectors. These intriguing case studies are full of art objects—bronze, jade, ceramics, sculpture, and painting—and deal with hot-button issues of provenance and authenticity. Find out how changing tastes, political climates, ambitions, and personalities formed some of the most important collections of Chinese art in the world today.

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