We are pleased to announce the publication of four brand-new books in literature and archaeology:

UFLA - Watson
Sonja Stephenson Watson at the University of Florida’s Conference of the Center for Latin American Studies

The Politics of Race in Panama: Afro-Hispanic and West Indian Literary Discourses of Contention

by Sonja Stephenson Watson

Fresh from the printer, this book was a huge success at the University of Florida’s Conference of the Center for Latin American Studies in March, where author Sonja Stephenson Watson spoke about Afro-Panamanian identity. Lucky conference attendees were able to snag advance copies of the book before it sold out! Order your copy here.

The Politics of Race in Panama looks at the writing of black Panamanian authors to tell the story of two cultural groups: Afro-Hispanics, whose ancestors came to Panama as African slaves, and West Indians from the English-speaking countries of Jamaica and Barbados who arrived during the mid-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries to build the railroad and the Panama Canal. Watson shows how cultural, racial, and national tensions continue to prevent these two groups from forging racial unity today.



Encyclopedia of Caribbean Archaeology

Edited by Basil A. Reid and R. Grant Gilmore III

“An unparalleled feat.”—Keith Tinker, historian

Spanning the Bahamas to Trinidad and Tobago, this book is an essential reference for anyone intrigued by the dynamic past of the Caribbean. Discover the islands’ history and culture, shaped for centuries by native migrations and a mix of European, Native American, African, and then Asian settlers. Entries cover archaeological periods, techniques, and issues, as well as the region’s geography and climate. Don’t miss this comprehensive, unprecedented volume.



New Histories of Pre-Columbian Florida

Edited by Neill J. Wallis and Asa R. Randall

Author Randall
Asa Randall at the Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting

This book was a top seller at our booth during the Society for American Archaeology’s annual meeting last week! Did you miss the meeting? You can still get our special conference discount: order the book here and enter discount code SAA14 at checkout.

New Histories of Pre-Columbian Florida resoundingly argues that Florida is a crucial hub for archaeological investigations. After all, Florida has long been ideal for human habitation—just picture its pivotal location between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, its numerous islands, its abundant flora and fauna, and its subtropical climate. Affirming the richness of Florida’s aboriginal past, this exciting book represents the next wave of southeastern archaeology.



From These Honored Dead: Historical Archaeology of the American Civil War

Edited by Clarence R. Geier, Douglas D. Scott, and Lawrence E. Babits

Separating myth from fact, this book uses historical archaeology to uncover the truth in the many conflicting memories of the American Civil War that have been passed down through generations. Topics include soldier life in camp and on the battlefield, defense mechanisms such as earthworks construction, the role of animals during military operations, and a refreshing focus on the conflict in the West. From These Honored Dead shows the power of archaeology in interpreting this devastating period in U.S. history.

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