Now available! Autoepitaph: Selected Poems

by Reinaldo Arenas, Edited by Camelly Cruz-Martes, Translated by Kelly Washbourne

Reinaldo Arenas (1943–1990), one of the most famous expatriate Cuban writers, is widely known for his novels and his autobiography, Before Night Falls—chosen as one of the ten best books of 1993 by the New York Times and made into a film directed by Julian Schnabel and starring Javier Bardem. His monumental poetic output, however, is often overlooked. Autoepitaph is the first and only career-spanning volume of Arenas’s poetry in translation in any language. This bilingual volume includes narrative poems, sonnets, and prose poems united by common themes: resistance against colonialism, political and personal repression, existential alienation, and the desire for transcendence through art.

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