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September 16, 2014

University Press of Florida Announces Promotions, New Hires and Publicity Team

Gainesville, Fla—The University Press of Florida (UPF) is pleased to announce staffing changes in two departments. The Editorial, Design, and Production Department has made personnel changes due to the retirement of longtime EDP Manager Lynn Werts. At the same time, the Marketing Department has created a Publicity Team to increase and enhance publicity efforts.

From left: Marthe Walters, Harold Moorehead, Michele Fiyak-Burkley
From left: Marthe Walters, Harold Moorehead, Michele Fiyak-Burkley

In UPF’s Editorial, Design, and Production Department, Michele Fiyak-Burkley has been promoted to EDP Manager; Harold Moorehead has been hired as Production and Ebook Manager; and Marthe Walters has been promoted to Assistant Managing Editor. “With Harold’s ten years of experience at Stanford University Press and Marthe’s nine years of outstanding contributions to our Editorial Department, these two individuals are essential members of our Editorial, Design, and Production Department,” says Michele Fiyak-Burkley. “We are lucky to have both Harold and Marthe at the University Press of Florida.”


From left:
From left: Rachel Doll, Alexa Zelinski, Samantha Feisel, Romi Gutierrez

UPF’s Marketing Department has recently undergone restructuring in order to work more effectively, creating a Publicity Team consisting of three publicists: Samantha Feisel, Alexa Zelinski, and Rachel Doll. Samantha Feisel comes to UPF from Emerson College, where she received an MA in Publishing and Writing. She will handle UPF’s awards program. Alexa Zelinski will continue to manage the rights and permissions program, which has been shifted from the Acquisitions Department to the Marketing Department. Rachel Doll will continue to handle the exhibits program.

Romi Gutierrez has been promoted to Marketing Manager, having previously served as Advertising and Direct Mail Manager for UPF. Her additional responsibilities will include overseeing UPF’s Publicity Team. “For a while, we’ve been considering a new organizational structure within the department to better spread the workload across multiple staff members,” says Dennis Lloyd, Deputy Director for Sales, Marketing, and Acquisitions. “Though we were sorry to lose our previous publicity manager, we leaped at the opportunity to implement some of the ideas we’d been discussing. Amazingly, we’re already seeing huge benefits, especially when it comes to author-publicist interactions. We’re very excited about our new team-based approach!”

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For more information, contact our publicity desk:

University Press of Florida

15 NW 15th Street • Gainesville, FL 32603

V: 352.392.1351 x233 • F: 352.392.0590 •

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