This past weekend our acquisitions editor Shannon McCarthy traveled to Pittsburgh to meet with scholars and display UPF books at the annual Modernist Studies Association conference. Take a look at some photos from the book room!

MSA - booth
University Press of Florida booth at the 2014 Modernist Studies Association conference

 We displayed our newest books in Modernist Studies, and several UPF authors stopped by our tables to say hello:

Lara Vetter, editor of H.D.'s By Avon River
Lara Vetter, editor of H.D.’s By Avon River
Gary Edward Holcomb, author of Claude McKay, Code Name Sasha
Gary Edward Holcomb, author of Claude McKay, Code Name Sasha: Queer Black Marxism and the Harlem Renaissance 
Annette Debo, editor of H.D.'s Within the Walls and What Do I Love?
Annette Debo, editor of H.D.’s Within the Walls and What Do I Love?

Hear Annette Debo talk about her new book in these recent interviews:

Collected Words, 101.5 KVSF in Santa Fe, NM, hosted by Christopher J. Johnson

WordPlay, AshevilleFM, hosted by Jeff Davis

Rebecca Walsh, author of The Geopoetics of Modernism
Rebecca Walsh, author of The Geopoetics of Modernism

Rebecca Walsh’s book is coming soon. Watch this space for an announcement in January!

Below is a roundup of our newest Modernist Studies titles, which we took to the conference last week.

The year in review: Modernist Studies

Within the Walls and What Do I Love?

by H.D., Edited by Annette Debo

September 2014

“These two hard-to-come-by texts reveal that the H.D. we know—the poet of exquisite, erudite, allusive imagist or modernist poems—chose to live through the experience of WWII London and to share with her fellow Londoners the hardships and anxieties of a city under attack.”—Demetres Tryphonopoulos, editor of Majic Ring


By Avon River

by H.D., Edited by Lara Vetter

August 2014

“Superb. Vetter’s incisive introduction offers one of the first approaches to theorizing women’s late modernist literary production as advancing specifically hybrid works located at the juncture of personal, national, and nationalist concerns.”—Cynthia Hogue, coeditor of The Sword Went Out to Sea


Becoming Virginia Woolf: Her Early Diaries and the Diaries She Read

by Barbara Lounsberry

July 2014

“Lounsberry’s deeply researched and gracefully written book shows not only Woolf’s development into a great diarist but also her evolvement into the fiction and nonfiction writer revered today.”—Gay Talese, author of A Writer’s Life


The Tortured Life of Scofield Thayer

by James Dempsey

February 2014

“A sympathetic and pleasing study of this often overlooked patron and critic . . . the first detailed account of Thayer’s life and of his important but conflicted support of modern writers and artists at the Dial . . . enthralling and convincing.”—Wall Street Journal



Shaw’s Settings: Gardens and Libraries

by Tony Jason Stafford

October 2013

“Stafford focuses a sensitive eye on nine of Shaw’s dramas . . . to show how the dramatist strategically deployed gardens and libraries to convey meaning in a visual and compelling manner.”—CHOICE


Released this year in paperback:

Renascent Joyce

Edited by Daniel Ferrer, Sam Slote, and André Topia

“Provides a compelling new way to examine and understand Joyce’s literary innovation, a revolutionary spirit that not only reignites the past in the early twentieth century, but whose subsequent rebirths productively engage our present and thus highlight Joyce’s continued significance.”—English Literature in Transition, 1880-1920



Majic Ring

by H.D. (writing as Delia Alton), edited by Demetres P. Tryphonopoulos

“Only lightly fictionalized . . . this side of H.D. is not well known . . . [and] this book makes one think of her as a kind of victim of war.”—Times Literary Supplement



Interested in these books? You can get special discounts in honor of the Modernist Studies Association meeting—up to 60% off!—until December 5. Visit our virtual booth to browse available titles, and enter code MSA14 at checkout.

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