Studying ancient architecture can reveal a great deal about the lives of past civilizations. Yet few studies bridge the gap between architecture and archaeology.

Building the Past: Prehistoric Wooden Post Architecture in the Ohio Valley–Great Lakes, edited by Brian G. Redmond and Robert A. Genheimer integrates structural engineering and wood science technology into the toolkit of archaeologists for the first time. Presenting the most current research on structures from pre-European contact, Building the Past allows archaeologists to fully envision the complex architecture of such critical locations as the Hopewell site, Moorehead Circle, and Brown’s Bottom.

The record of perishable architecture at these sites has proven difficult to interpret because it most often comprises organic residues, including soil stains from decayed wall posts, charred timbers, or trenched wall foundations. Addressing new discoveries and presenting previously unpublished data, this volume is an invaluable resource for archaeologists investigating the diverse ways prehistoric societies manifested their social worlds in earth, wood, and stone.

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