democracyabroadDemocracy Abroad, Lynching at Home: Racial Violence in Florida

Tameka Bradley Hobbs


“Hobbs unearths four lynchings that are critical to the understanding of the origins of civil rights in Florida. The oral histories from the victims’ families and those in the communities make this a valuable contribution to African American, Florida, and civil rights history.”—Derrick E. White, author of The Challenge of Blacknesss

“A compelling reminder of just how troubling and violent the Sunshine State’s racial past has been. A must read.”—Irvin D.S. Winsboro, editor of Old South, New South, or Down South?

Florida is frequently viewed as an atypical southern state, but when examined in proportion to the number of African American residents, it suffered more lynchings than any of its Deep South neighbors during the Jim Crow era. Investigating a dark period of Florida’s history and focusing on a rash of anti-black violence that took place during the 1940s, Tameka Hobbs explores the reasons why lynchings continued in Florida when they were starting to wane elsewhere.

Tameka Bradley Hobbs is assistant professor of history at Florida Memorial University.


jigsawpoliticsinthesunshinestateJigsaw Puzzle Politics in the Sunshine State

Seth C. McKee


“The most complete and inventive examination of redistricting in the political science literature. This book shows again that the political laboratory known as the state of Florida combines politics and legislative outcomes like few other states.”—Matthew Corrigan, author of Conservative Hurricane

“Political science at its best. Essential reading for anyone wishing to understand the politics of redistricting in the Sunshine State. It will be the definitive source to inform discussion on the topic.”—Jonathan Knuckey, University of Central Florida

Redrawing district lines is arguably the most polarizing of political activities in the United States today. As a bellwether state, Florida offers a unique and fascinating case study to assess the various effects of redistricting. The contributors to this volume examine the issue from the perspectives of both politicians and voters, exploring the process of redistricting in the wake of major reforms.

Seth C. McKee is associate professor of political science at Texas Tech University and the author of Republican Ascendancy in Southern U.S. House Elections.

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