New Paperback Release: Wildman of Rhythm

Wildman of Rhythm: The Life and Music of Benny Moré Winner, Association for Recorded Sound Collections Award for Excellence “Wildman of Rhythm [is] the singer’s first English-language biography that finally exposes . . . this corner of the Earth to the genius that was Benny Moré.”—LA Weekly “Captures the singer’s flamboyant manner, sense of humor … Continue reading New Paperback Release: Wildman of Rhythm

Mary Edwards Bryan

“Sheds new light on one of the nineteenth century South’s most accomplished yet understudied writers. Brown and River’s study of Mary Edwards Bryan presents some of her best writings within the context of her time.”—James M. Denham, coeditor of Echoes from a Distant Frontier: The Brown Sisters’ Correspondence from Antebellum Florida “A lost writer of … Continue reading Mary Edwards Bryan

New Paperback Release: The Odyssey of an African Slave

“This is the only known slave memoir from Florida . . . A fine addition to slave narrative reading lists.”—Library Journal “Griffin intersperses Sitiki’s account with commentary that places this extraordinary narrative into historical context, noting the scarcity of slave narratives—particularly slaves born in Africa.”—Booklist “The publication of a heretofore unknown slave narrative is significant, … Continue reading New Paperback Release: The Odyssey of an African Slave

The Allure of Immortality

Visionary or villain, savior or two-bit charlatan?  Explore the makings of a Florida-bred cult in our new book: The Allure of Immortality: An American Cult, a Florida Swamp, and a Renegade Prophet. “Brilliantly written and strangely moving. Millner has resurrected the lost history of a cult devoted to a utopian vision as pure as it was … Continue reading The Allure of Immortality

International Archaeology Day 2015

Every year, the Archaeological Institute of America hosts International Archaeology Day to spread the word about the excitement of archaeology to the public. "Archaeology is not well understood," says the AIA. "In 1999, 85% of American adults thought that archaeologists studied dinosaurs." In fact, archaeologists study the material record of the human past—from examining trash heaps and … Continue reading International Archaeology Day 2015

Tokaido Texts and Tales

"These innovative prints have been considered one of the most seminal series from the era. Tokaido Texts and Tales investigates the sources of the legends, folklore, and fictional stories told in these prints, and persuasively foregrounds the creativity of the printmakers."--Natsu Oyobe, associate curator of Asian art, University of Michigan Museum of Art "A wonderful addition … Continue reading Tokaido Texts and Tales