IAD2015-LOGOEvery year, the Archaeological Institute of America hosts International Archaeology Day to spread the word about the excitement of archaeology to the public. “Archaeology is not well understood,” says the AIA. “In 1999, 85% of American adults thought that archaeologists studied dinosaurs.”

In fact, archaeologists study the material record of the human past—from examining trash heaps and food remains, to uncovering bones, teeth, and grave items. “Unlike history, which relies primarily upon written records and documents to interpret great lives and events, archaeology allows us to delve far back into the time before written languages existed and to glimpse the lives of everyday people through analysis of things they made and left behind,” explains the Society for American Archaeology.

Our archaeology titles cover all types of archaeology—prehistoric, historical, classic, underwater, and bioarchaeology—offering our readers insight into just how crucial archaeological study is to our understanding of the human past.

To celebrate International Archaeology Day, we’re discounting some of our new and bestselling archaeology books at www.upf.com/IAD15 for this weekend only. Be sure to apply code IAD15 at checkout to receive the sale price.

If you’d like to be the first to receive news about our new archaeology books, sign up for our newsletter and choose “Archaeology” in our email lists.


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