Our Fall/Winter 2016 catalog is now available!
Click here to check out a lineup of great reads coming soon from UPF.

The cover image is from Everglades: America’s Wetland, courtesy of Mac Stone. Other highlights from the forthcoming season include shrimp recipes from the southern coasts; the story of humankind’s quest to discover alien life; an intimate look at the art of pas de deux (ballet partner dancing); a journey down the backroads of real Florida; wild true stories of great American writers and artists in Key West; a timely analysis of sea level rise in Florida; a data-driven study of dance and gender; the archaeology of NASA’s Apollo sites, the ancient Peruvian city of El Purgatorio, and animal symbols on Caribbean ceramics; the history of one of Latin America’s most significant postwar art movements; how outside actors have impacted Haiti over the past decade; a literary anthology of Spanish American thought and culture; refreshing new assessments of Anne Sexton; and an expansive study that links Victorian illustrated books to today’s graphic novels.

Read our catalog to learn more about these and other books we’ll be publishing between September 2016 and February 2017.

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