Cuban_Archaeology_in_the_Caribbean_RGB.jpgBuilding on the success of recent collaborations with the University of Florida, the University Press of Florida, the official publisher of the State University System of Florida, is pleased to announce the creation of the University of Florida Press. This week, UF Press publishes its first book, Cuban Archaeology in the Caribbeanedited by Ivan Roksandic.

In Cuban Archaeology in the Caribbean, Roksandic and an international team of researchers present a new theory of mainland migration into the Caribbean. As the largest—and most centrally located—island of the Caribbean, Cuba has seen successive waves of migration to its shores. This volume offers a closer look at the lifeways and challenges of the native populations, patterns of movement between the islands and present day Mexico and Central America, and the interactions between the islands’ inhabitants. Together the essays produce a view of the early Caribbean that is rich with cultural influences and more intricate than previously believed.

UFPRESS_logos_originalThis first book from UF Press is the latest entry to the Ripley P. Bullen Series, edited by Kathleen Deagan, William Keegan, William Marquardt, Elizabeth Benchley, and Vernon “Jim” Knight. Sponsored by the Florida Museum of Natural History, this is the second oldest series in the country devoted to archaeological and historical study of the southeastern United States and the Caribbean. In addition to GATORBYTES and a new journals program—featuring the new quarterly journal, Bioarchaeology International, and the University of Florida literary journal, SUBTROPICS—UF Press will also publish books in the David A. Cofrin Asian Art Manuscript Seriesedited by Jason Steuber and Allysa B. Peyton. Funded by the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art, this series features scholarship on Asian art.

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