In honor of our newest cookbook, Shrimp Country by Anna Burgard, here’s a rundown of the five varieties of shrimp you can find off the southern coasts of the U.S. Although they all can be found in Florida waters, each kind has a unique flavor and a specific location for prime shrimping! From North Carolina to Texas, shrimp are a highly sought-after staple of many seaside cuisines. In her new book, Burgard introduces us to some local specialties such as Carolina Shrimp and She-Rock Stew and also some classic favorites—like Steamed Shrimp—that are just as delicious.

Below, we’ve paired each variety of shrimp with a meal perfectly suited to its flavor. You’ll even learn what kinds are best for steaming, grilling, or strong sauces. If thinking about these tasty dishes makes you hungry, check out the pages and pages of mouth-watering pictures and recipes in Shrimp Country: Recipes and Tales from the Southern Coasts.




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