Dear Reader,

Our Spring/Summer 2017 catalog is now available and we’re excited to present a lineup of great reads coming soon from University Press of Florida.

The cover image is from our new book Elvis Ignited: The Rise of an Icon in Florida, coming in March. The image is reprinted by permission of Charles Trainor Jr. Other highlights from the forthcoming season include the controversy surrounding “Vero Man,” one of the most historic discoveries in American archaeology; the dangerous lives of wildlife officers in backcountry Florida; the complete story of human space flight; a look at the ways Native American tribes can preserve the heritage of their respective cultures; an exploration of the first civic-religious public architecture in ancient Maya cities; a study of how social structure can be reflected in the human skeleton; the definitive account of the Denmark Vesey conspiracy, one of the most sophisticated acts of slave resistance in the history of the United States; a portrayal of the lives of ordinary citizens in North Carolina during World War II; a powerful reflection on Haitian histories through the island’s spiritual and cultural traditions; a new integrative approach to reading fiction written by members of the black Anglophone diaspora; a volume that establishes Edith Sitwell at the center of British modernism; and new journals from the University of Florida Press.
Read our catalog to learn more about these and other books we’ll be publishing between March 2017 and August 2017.

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