American Association of Physical Anthropologists 2017

Recently, UPF attended the annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists in New Orleans, LA! We had a fantastic time displaying our anthropology, archaeology, and bioarchaeology titles, as well as mingling with experts in the field. We saw several of our authors at the conference! Amanda R. Harvey and Haagen D. Klaus, coeditors of Bones of Complexity: Bioarchaeological … Continue reading American Association of Physical Anthropologists 2017

Flora of Florida, Volume IV

Praise for volumes I, II, and III “An invaluable source. . . . Wunderlin's guide brings together his years of work with the flora of Florida.”—Choice “An extremely valuable reference for professional biologists, naturalists, natural resource managers, and plant lovers.”—Economic Botany “A monumental undertaking and a definitive and up-to-date treatise on Florida's dicotyledons. There is … Continue reading Flora of Florida, Volume IV

New Paperback Release: The Generalship of Muhammad

“Impressive. . . . A well-researched and very professional military analysis. Apart from its contribution to the literature of military history and counterinsurgency, it reinforces the credibility of the very detailed early accounts of Muhammad’s life and career.”—H-Net “An excellent analysis of Muhammad as a general, placing his battles within the context of military history, … Continue reading New Paperback Release: The Generalship of Muhammad

Freedom and Resistance

“Brilliant. Puts the Bahamas on the map with Jamaica, Antigua, Nova Scotia, and Sierra Leone as sites where black refugees who fled the American victory in the War of Independence added mightily to the economy and religious life in their new homes.”—John Saillant, author of Black Puritan, Black Republican: The Life and Thought of Lemuel … Continue reading Freedom and Resistance

Ornamental Palm Horticulture, Second Edition

Praise for the first edition “Avid recreational gardeners, designers, and nursery professionals who enjoy growing dramatic ornamental palms will welcome this comprehensive manual comprising palm biology, propagation techniques, cultural requirements, and overall care.”—Booklist “A valuable resource for commercial producers, landscapers, palm enthusiasts, and homeowners.”—Florida Gardening “Especially good on pests, diseases and nutritional needs. . . … Continue reading Ornamental Palm Horticulture, Second Edition

The Paradox of Paternalism

“An exciting study that reveals the complexity of women's multiple political projects, as well as the importance of feminism--widely defined--as a powerful political force.”—Jadwiga E. Pieper Mooney, author of The Politics of Motherhood “An engaging overview of the role played by women in supporting and contesting authoritarian regimes in the twentieth-century Dominican Republic.”—Nicola Foote, coeditor … Continue reading The Paradox of Paternalism

Home Front

“A powerful book; a tale of heroism, volunteerism, and sacrifice.”—Gary R. Mormino, author of Land of Sunshine, State of Dreams: A Social History of Modern Florida “Personal anecdotes humanize the narrative and add a poignant impact. The use of newspaper editorials also provides an understanding of how North Carolinians responded to the war.”—Melton A. McLaurin, … Continue reading Home Front