Generalship_of_Muhammad_RGB.jpg“Impressive. . . . A well-researched and very professional military analysis. Apart from its contribution to the literature of military history and counterinsurgency, it reinforces the credibility of the very detailed early accounts of Muhammad’s life and career.”—H-Net

“An excellent analysis of Muhammad as a general, placing his battles within the context of military history, and a good introduction to the life of the founder of Islam.”—David Cook, author of Understanding Jihad

“Provides an essential understanding to those wanting to know the history that shapes modern insurgencies.”—Maj. Christopher Johnson, U.S. Army

The Generalship of Muhammad charts a new path by merging original sources with the latest in military theory in order to highlight the Prophet Muhammad’s military strengths and weaknesses. Muhammad’s campaigns, military thought, and strategy are examined in order to trace his rise from humble beginnings to the creation of a movement that would lead him to become the virtual ruler of Arabia.

Incorporating military, political, and economic analyses, Russ Rodgers investigates Muhammad’s use of insurgency warfare in the seventh century to gain control of key cities such as Madinah and Makkah. Rodgers deftly demonstrates how the combination of philosophical, economic, and social pressure on the people of Makkah would eventually force them to succumb to Muhammad’s call to the sole worship of Allah and to accept him as Allah’s last prophet.

Russ Rodgers is command historian with the U.S. Army and former adjunct professor of history. He is the author of Fundamentals of Islamic Asymmetric Warfare: A Documentary Analysis of the Principles of Muhammad.

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