UPF recently traveled to Jacksonville, FL to attend the 2017 Florida Anthropological Society meeting! We had a wonderful time exhibiting our books in anthropology and archaeology and had the chance to mingle with scholars in the field.

Several of our authors attended the meeting, including Jerald Milanich, coeditor of Archaeology of the EvergladesNeill Wallis, coeditor of New Histories of Pre-Columbian Florida, and John Worth, editor and translator of Discovering Florida: First-Contact Narratives from Spanish Expeditions along the Lower Gulf Coast.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table!


Here are some of the books we took with us to the conference:

We Come for Good: Archaeology and Tribal Historic Preservation at the Seminole Tribe of Florida

edited by Paul N. Backhouse, Brent R. Weisman, and Mary Beth Rosebrough




Paleoindian Societies of the Coastal Southeast

by James S. Dunbar




Setting the Table: Ceramics, Dining, and Cultural Exchange in Andalucía and La Florida

by Kathryn L. Ness




Gathering at Silver Glen: Community and History in Late Archaic Florida

by Zackary I. Gilmore




Late Prehistoric Florida: Archaeology at the Edge of the Mississippian World

edited by Keith Ashley and Nancy Marie White





Didn’t get to attend FAS 2017 but want to take advantage of our conference discount?

Visit our website and use code ‘FAS17’ to get discounts up to 60% off!

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