New Paperback Release: The Culture War in the Civil Rights Movement

“Boldly suggests that cultural organizing shaped the trajectory and spirit of the Civil Rights Movement.”—Journal of American Ethnic History   “Street brings together many different cultural strands in this work and argues cogently that they were an important part of a movement that affirmed African American self-belief at the same time as it demanded freedom … Continue reading New Paperback Release: The Culture War in the Civil Rights Movement

New Paperback Release: Unlikely Dissenters

“An eye-opening account of southern white women who worked to challenge racial segregation. . . . Highly recommended.”—Choice   “Brings to life a small but important group of women who worked hard to change the South. . . . It will help to more fully explicate the motivation and experiences of women willing to challenge … Continue reading New Paperback Release: Unlikely Dissenters

Mississippian Beginnings

“An excellent volume that demonstrates a more explicit, nuanced, and careful approach to interpreting the social lives of these past communities. An indispensable resource.”—Paul D. Welch, author of Archaeology at Shiloh Indian Mounds, 1899–1999   “Provides much-needed updated perspectives on the origins of the Mississippian archaeological cultural phenomenon in the Southeast. The contributions to the volume … Continue reading Mississippian Beginnings

On the 25th Anniversary of Hurricane Andrew

On this day in 1992, Hurricane Andrew made landfall in Florida. The hurricane overwhelmed South Florida, requiring local, state, and federal emergency responses—in the middle of the 1992 primary election season. The Politics of Disaster shows how elected officials adjusted their strategies and activities in the wake of the storm. Sifting through the post-Andrew election … Continue reading On the 25th Anniversary of Hurricane Andrew

Willy Ley

“Beautifully written. Reveals the vicissitudes of an extraordinarily interesting life.”—Michael J. Neufeld, author of Von Braun: Dreamer of Space, Engineer of War “Willy Ley has been a mystery among spaceflight historians for many years. His role as science writer, advocate, and popularizer is known to many but understood by few. This book unpacks that story.”—Roger D. … Continue reading Willy Ley

Fall 2017 Exhibit Schedule

UPF will be at these upcoming conferences and book fairs this fall. We’d love to see you there! Southern ​Independent Booksellers Alliance New Orleans, LA September 15-17 Organic Food and Farming Summit Gainesville, FL September 17-19 Association for the Study of African American Life and History Cincinnati, OH September 27-October 1 Florida: The State of … Continue reading Fall 2017 Exhibit Schedule