10132017185232_500x500Dancing in Blackness: A Memoir

By Halifu Osumare


Author Halifu Osumare has just concluded a three-month series of speaking engagements for her new book, Dancing in Blackness. Between March and June, Osumare traveled from California to New York to Barbados. She enjoyed reading from her book, talking about her experiences as a professional dancer who participated in defining moments in the story of black dance in America, and interacting with diverse audiences. Take a look at some of her pictures from the book tour.

For more information about the book, listen to Halifu Osumare’s interview on the New Books Network.

Gavin Brown & Revolution Books

Osumare with audience members at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in New York

4. Halifu & Jawole 2

Osumare at Greenlight Books in Brooklyn

HO & Zake Q&A 2
Osumare and Ntozake Shange at Hunter College in New York

HO & Zake w books

Osumare and Ntozake Shange at Hunter College in New York

  • University of the West Indies—Cave Hill, Barbados
  • Greenlight Books—Brooklyn, NY
  • Gavin Brown’s Enterprise—New York, NY
  • The Jody, the new Dance Research Center at the Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Program, Hunter College—New York, NY
  • Roosevelt House, Hunter College—New York, NY with Ntozake Shange
  • Northwestern University—Evanston, IL
  • Sacramento Bee Newspaper Book Club—Sacramento, CA
  • Santa Monica College—Santa Monica, CA
  • Community Programs Office, University of California, Los Angeles—Los Angeles, CA
  • World Arts & Culture/Dance Department, University of California, Los Angeles—Los Angeles, CA
  • University of California, San Diego—San Diego, CA
  • University of California, Riverside—Riverside, CA
  • California State University, Sacramento—Sacramento, CA
  • The Museum of the African Diaspora—San Francisco, CA
  • Stanford University—Stanford, CA
  • San Francisco State University—San Francisco, CA
  • The African American Museum & Library of Oakland—Oakland, CA
  • Laney College Theatre—Oakland, CA
  • University of California, Davis—Davis, CA
  • Laney College Library—Oakland, CA
  • Underground Books—Sacramento, CA

OsumareHalifu_credit-Elton-KingHalifu Osumare, professor emerita of African American and African Studies at the University of California, Davis, is the author of Dancing in Blackness: A Memoir. She is also the author of The Hiplife in Ghana: West African Indigenization of Hip-Hop and The Africanist Aesthetic in Global Hip-Hop: Power Moves.

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