ganno006_500x500Praise for the previous edition:

“A major new history.”—Miami Herald 

“A jewel.”—Tallahassee Democrat

“The standard reference.”—Orlando Sentinel  

“Florida is as much a state of mind as it is a slice of land between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. … Florida could become a place of civic texture if we understand its past. Professor Gannon’s book is a good place to begin.”—St. Petersburg Times

“Incorporates much of the new scholarship that has appeared over the last twenty or so years, much of the best of it exploring the lives of African-Americans, Indians, and Florida’s common white folk. … For those interested in seeking out the multifaceted aspects of their native or adopted state, this is the place to start.”—Tampa Tribune  

This is the heralded “definitive history” of Florida. No other book so fully or accurately captures the highs and lows, the grandeur and the craziness, the horrors and the glories of the past 500 years in the Land of Sunshine.

Twenty-three leading historians, assembled by renowned scholar Michael Gannon, offer a wealth of perspectives and expertise to create a comprehensive, balanced view of Florida’s sweeping story. The chapters cover such diverse topics as the maritime heritage of Florida, the exploits of the state’s first developers, the astounding population boom of the twentieth century, and the environmental changes that threaten the future of Florida’s beautiful wetlands.

Celebrating Florida’s role at the center of important historical movements, from the earliest colonial interactions in North America to the nation’s social and political climate today, The History of Florida is an invaluable resource on the complex past of this dynamic state.

Michael Gannon (1927–2017) was a renowned scholar and writer known as the “dean of Florida historians.” A versatile intellectual and a towering figure in his long career at the University of Florida, he authored and edited numerous acclaimed histories. In 2010 he was honored as the winner of the inaugural Florida Lifetime Literary Achievement Award.


The Michael Gannon Fund

In honor of Michael Gannon’s lasting legacy and his dedication to the scholarship of our state’s history, the University Press of Florida has established the Michael Gannon Fund to provide continued support for publications in Florida history. Royalties and gifts donated to this fund underwrite the costs of these monographs, helping to keep the price as affordable as possible.

This paperback edition of The History of Florida is made possible through the generosity of donors to the Michael Gannon Fund.

Special thanks to Dr. Gary R. Mormino for his very generous contribution to future publications about the Sunshine State’s long and fascinating history.

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