Christmas Gift Boxes on Frozen Wooden Table

Perhaps you haven’t quite hit that $50 threshold to receive your free UPF tote bag, or maybe you’re in need of some great stocking stuffers. In any case, take a look at this year’s $5 deals! Use code XM18 at checkout to receive discount prices and $1 per book shipping. The holiday sale ends December 17, 2018.

ssb014_500x500Everyday Adventures: A Florida Outdoors Guide
By Terry Tomalin
Paperback $14.95 $5.00

hubbas00_500x500100% Pure Florida Fiction
Edited by Susan Hubbard and Robley Wilson
Paperback $16.95 $5.00

recip003_500x500Best-Loved Recipes from the Columbia Restaurant
By Richard Gonzmart
Paperback $6.95 $5.00

ssb017_500x500Easy Breezy Florida Cooking
By Joy Harris and Jack Harris
Paperback $8.95 $5.00

ssb006_500x500Orange Recipes: Famous Recipes from Famous Places
By Joyce LaFray
Paperback $5.95 $4.00

holli005_500x500The Minibook of Minigolf
By Tim Hollis
Paperback $14.95 $5.00

moran002_500x500Postcards from Journal of Light
By John Moran
Paperback $9.95 $5.00

wardx007_500x500Postcards from Florida Cowboys
By Carlton Ward Jr.
Paperback $9.95 $5.00

monro009_500x500Postcards from The Highwaymen
By Gary Monroe
Paperback $9.95 $5.00

wilso005_500x500Postcards from Dream Houses
By Joie Wilson and Penny Taylor
Paperback $9.95 $5.00

We also have some great $10 deals:

ssb016_500x500Cookielicious: 150 Fabulous Recipes to Bake & Share
By Janet K. Keeler
Paperback $19.95 $10.00

punne001_500x500Beach Racers: Daytona before NASCAR
By Dick Punnett
Paperback $25.00 $10.00

haskif10_500x500Fifteen Florida Cemeteries: Strange Tales Unearthed
By Lola Haskins
Paperback $22.50 $10.00

lundy001_500x500Sorghum’s Savor
By Ronni Lundy
Paperback $19.95 $10.00

holli006_500x500Remembering Florida Springs
By Tim Hollis
Paperback $21.95 $10.00


Visit our website to browse more books in our holiday sale, or check out the holiday gift guide for more gift ideas. Use code XM18 for discount prices. Sale ends December 17, 2018.







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