10132017185232_500x500Dancing in Blackness: A Memoir
by Halifu Osumare

“Osumare has engaged with black dance as performer, choreographer, educator, arts administrator, researcher, and activist in the United States, Africa, and Europe, and through multiple careers. In this equal parts memoir, autoethnography, history, encyclopedic catalog, and sociocultural analysis, she traces her activities from the 1960s through the late 1990s, as she becomes a tenacious advocate for black dance. . . . An eclectic mélange.”—Library Journal 
“A lovely example for any dance student to see that art does not exist in a vacuum but is a response to and reflection of artists’ experiences, conflicts, and boundaries created by themselves or society.”—Journal of Dance Education

“Explores the relationship between dance and culture from the perspective of someone who celebrated both, intertwined.”—Sacramento Bee

“[Osumare] recounts four decades’ worth of poignant personal experiences using dance as a tool for social change and justice. . . . Her perspective on black dance in America will benefit the whole dance community.”—Dance Teacher

hinex001_500x500Geologic History of Florida: Major Events That Formed the Sunshine State
by Albert C. Hine

“An excellent summary of [Florida’s] geologic history which is comprehensive and, at the same time, readable.”—Geological Quarterly

“The story is important. . . . Florida citizens will gain a better understanding of their habitat, including impacts of natural processes such as sea-level rise and karst development, as well as an appreciation of the economic side of resource development (for example, phosphate mining and oil and gas development).”—Southeastern Geology

“Succeeds in providing a broad overview for educators and inquisitive non-scientists.”—Florida Geographer

“Profusely illustrated with pictures, maps, and diagrams.”—Choice

“The content and presentation go beyond the classic, detailed, time-period-by-time-period approach. . . . [It is] a fusion of storytelling, interesting science narrative, and teaser questions that make the reader think while anticipating the answer.”—Southeastern Geology

colli003_500x500Florida Weather and Climate: More Than Just Sunshine
by Jennifer M. Collins, Robert V. Rohli, and Charles H. Paxton

“A valuable introductory resource for any individual investigating Florida’s weather and weather systems.”—Choice

“An outstanding explanation of Florida weather and climate processes and phenomena. A valuable read for all residents of the Sunshine State who spend time outdoors or on the water.”—Jason C. Senkbeil, University of Alabama

“A unique and detailed overview of Florida weather as it relates to both small and large scale atmospheric circulations. A must-read for those interested in what makes Florida’s weather so interesting.”—Steven Lazarus, Florida Institute of Technology

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