10102018133123_500x500-2Picturing Apollo 11: Rare Views and Undiscovered Moments

By J. L. Pickering and John Bisney

Through a wealth of unpublished and recently discovered images, this book presents new and rarely seen views of the people, places, and events involved in planning, accomplishing, and commemorating the first Moon landing. Among other things, these photographs show astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins training for the flight and capture the “Moon fever” that gripped the nation.

Carefully selected, most of the hundreds of photographs were taken from NASA archives and J. L. Pickering’s collection, the world’s largest private collection of U.S. human space flight images. We hope you enjoy this sneak peek into some of the incredible moments that fill the pages of Picturing Apollo 11. Hover over the images for a description.

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J. L. Pickering is a spaceflight historian and authority who has been archiving rare space images for more than 40 years. John Bisney is a journalist who has covered the space program for CNN, the Discovery Science Channel, and SiriusXM Radio. Together, they have coauthored Space­shots and Snapshots of Projects Mercury and Gemini: A Rare Photographic History, Moonshots and Snapshots of Project Apollo: A Rare Photographic History, and The Space-Age Presidency of John F. Kennedy: A Rare Photographic History.

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