The Florida Book Awards are given every year to the best work written by Florida authors and about Florida. Chosen by juries in 11 categories, the awards are coordinated by the Florida State University Libraries. We are excited that four books published by the University Press of Florida are among the winners this year, alongside many other outstanding works. For a full listing of the 2019 Florida Book Awards winners, click here. Congratulations to all the winners!

We are pleased to share the University Press of Florida’s four award-winning titles below.

Florida Nonfiction, Gold Medal:

04082019155837_500x500The Mariel Boatlift
A Cuban-American Journey
Victor Andres Triay

Set against the sweeping backdrop of one of the most dramatic refugee crises of the twentieth century, The Mariel Boatlift presents the stories of Cuban immigrants to the United States who overcame frightening circumstances to build new lives for themselves and flourish in their adopted country.

Florida Nonfiction, Silver Medal:

10222018172802_500x500How the New Deal Built Florida Tourism
The Civilian Conservation Corps and State Parks
David J. Nelson

Countering the conventional narrative that Florida’s tourism industry suffered during the Great Depression, this book shows that the 1930s were, in reality, the starting point for much that characterizes modern Florida’s tourism. David Nelson argues that state and federal government programs designed to reboot the economy during this decade are crucial to understanding the state today.

Florida Nonfiction, Bronze Medal:

11062018164917_500x500Drying Up
The Fresh Water Crisis in Florida
John M. Dunn

America’s wettest state is running out of water. Yes, Florida—with its swamps, lakes, extensive coastlines, and legends of life-giving springs—faces a drinking water crisis that most people don’t see coming. Drying Up is a wake-up call and a hard look at what the future holds for those who call Florida home.

General Nonfiction, Bronze Medal:

10312018135819_500x500The Nature of Plants
An Introduction to How Plants Work
Craig N. Huegel

Plants play a critical role in how we experience our environment. They create calming green spaces, provide oxygen for us to breathe, and nourish our senses. In The Nature of Plants, ecologist and nursery owner Craig Huegel demystifies the complex lives of plants and provides readers with an elucidating journey into their inner and outer workings.

These books, and all University Press of Florida books, are available at discount prices through June 21 in honor of our 75th anniversary year. Order on our website and use code UPF75 for up to 40% off and $1 per book shipping.

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