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Black Panther in Exile

The Pete O’Neal Story 
by Paul J. Magnarella

This book tells the story of Pete O’Neal, one of the most influential members of the Black Panther Party, who now lives in exile in Tanzania—unable to return to the United States but refusing to renounce his past.




The Emergence of Capitalism in Early America
by Christopher W. Calvo

Contesting the assumption that early American economists were committed to Adam Smith’s ideas of free trade and small government, this book provides a comprehensive history of the nation’s economic thought from 1790 to 1860, tracing the development of a uniquely American understanding of capitalism.


NASA and the Long Civil Rights Movement
Edited by Brian C. Odom and Stephen P. Waring

Examining the ways in which NASA’s goal of space exploration both conflicted and aligned with the cause of racial equality, this volume provides new insights into the complex relationship between the space program and the civil rights movement in the Jim Crow South and abroad.




Operation Pedro Pan and the Exodus of Cuba’s Children
Deborah Shnookal

This in-depth examination of one of the most controversial episodes in U.S.-Cuba relations sheds new light on the program that airlifted 14,000 unaccompanied children to the United States in the wake of the Cuban Revolution. Operation Pedro Pan is often remembered within the U.S. as an urgent “rescue” mission, but Deborah Shnookal points out that a multitude of complex factors drove the exodus, including Cold War propaganda and the Catholic Church’s opposition to the island’s new regime.


Pauulu’s Diaspora

Black Internationalism and Environmental Justice
Quito J. Swan

This book is a sweeping story of black internationalism across the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Ocean worlds, told through the life and work of twentieth-century environmental activist Pauulu Kamarakafego. Quito Swan shows how Kamarakafego helped connect liberation efforts of the African diaspora throughout the Global South.



Reckoning with Rebellion

War and Sovereignty in the Nineteenth Century
by Aaron Sheehan-Dean

In this innovative global history of the American Civil War, Aaron Sheehan-Dean compares and contrasts the American experience with other civil and national conflicts that happened at nearly the same time—the Indian Rebellion of 1857, the Polish Insurrection of 1863, and China’s Taiping Rebellion.


04302019131055_500x500Deadly Virtue
Fort Caroline and the Early Protestant Roots of American Whiteness
By Heather Martel

In Deadly Virtue, Heather Martel argues that the French Protestant attempt to colonize Florida in the 1560s significantly shaped the developing concept of race in sixteenth-century America. Telling the story of the short-lived French settlement of Fort Caroline in what is now Jacksonville, Florida, Martel reveals how race, gender, sexuality, and Christian morality intersected to form the foundations of modern understandings of whiteness.


The Public Health Nurses of Jim Crow Florida
Christine Ardalan

Highlighting the long unacknowledged role of a group of pioneering professional women, The Public Health Nurses of Jim Crow Florida tells the story of healthcare workers who battled racism in a state where white supremacy formed the bedrock of society. They aimed to serve those people out of reach of modern medical care.




The Mariel Boatlift

A Cuban-American Journey
Victor Andres Triay

Set against the sweeping backdrop of one of the most dramatic refugee crises of the twentieth century, The Mariel Boatlift presents the stories of Cuban immigrants to the United States who overcame frightening circumstances to build new lives for themselves and flourish in their adopted country.


From Saloons to Steak Houses
A History of Tampa
Andrew T. Huse

Huse draws from local newspaper stories and firsthand accounts to show what authorities and city residents saw and believed about these establishments and the people who frequented them. This unique take on Tampa history reveals a spirited city at work and play, an important cultural hub that continues to both celebrate and come to terms with its many legacies.



Latino Orlando
Suburban Transformation and Racial Conflict
Simone Delerme

Latino Orlando portrays the experiences of first- and second-generation immigrants who have come to the Orlando metropolitan area from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, and other Latin American countries. While much research on immigration focuses on urban destinations, Simone Delerme delves into a middle- and upper-class suburban context, highlighting the profound demographic and cultural transformation of an overlooked immigrant hub.

The Governors of Florida
Edited by R. Boyd Murphree and Robert A. Taylor

An unparalleled two-hundred-year history of Florida’s highest office, this volume provides the first in-depth examination of all of Florida’s chief executives from the acquisition of Spanish Florida by the United States and the appointment of Andrew Jackson as the territory’s first governor in 1821 to the end of Rick Scott’s tenure in 2019.



This Day in Florida History
by Andrew K. Frank, J. Hendry Miller, and Tarah Luke

Featuring one entry per day of the year, this book is a fun and enlightening collection of moments from Florida history. Good and bad, famous and little-known, historical and contemporary, these events reveal the depth and complexity of the state’s past.



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