Although the International Congress on Medieval Studies has been canceled, our books are still available in our ICMS Medieval Studies Book Sale. We are offering extra deep discount prices and free shipping on all orders with code ICMS20 through May 31, 2020. Browse all books here. Need to know what’s new this year? View highlights below.

12182019180547_500x500An Introduction to the Sagas of Icelanders
Carl Phelpstead

Combining an accessible approach with innovative scholarship, Carl Phelpstead draws on historical context, contemporary theory, and close reading to deepen our understanding of Icelandic saga narratives about the island’s early history.





An Old French Trilogy: Texts from the William of Orange Cycle
Translated by Catherine M. Jones, William W. Kibler, and Logan E. Whalen

This volume offers a broad and rich view of the tradition of Old French epic poetry, or chansons de geste, by providing an updated English translation of three central poems from the twelfth-century Guillaume d’Orange cycle.




Shaping Identity in Medieval French Literature: The Other Within
Edited by Adrian P. Tudor and Kristin L. Bur

Contributors to this collection consider the multiplicity and instability of medieval French literary identity, arguing that it is fluid and represented in many different ways. Inherently unstable, identity is created, re-created, adopted, refused, imposed, and self-imposed. Additionally, taken together the essays posit that an individual may identify with a group, existing within it, and yet remain foreign to it.


New in Paper


Boccaccio’s Fabliaux: Medieval Short Stories and the Function of Reversal
Katherine A. Brown

This new and provocative interpretation examines the formal similarities between the Decameron’s tales of wit, wisdom, and practical jokes and the popular thirteenth-century fabliaux.





Ogling Ladies: Scopophilia in Medieval German Literature
Sandra Lindemann Summers

The love of looking, or scopophilia, is a common motif among female figures in medieval art and literature where it is usually expressed as a motherly or sexually interested gaze–one sanctioned, the other forbidden. Sandra Summers investigates these two major variants of female voyeurism in exemplary didactic and courtly literature by medieval German authors.



Reassessing the Heroine in Medieval French Literature
Edited by Kathy M. Krause

These essays explore the various manifestations of the heroine in medieval French literature and her multiple relationships with discourse, both medieval and modern. From a discussion of 12th-century saints’ lives to an examination of 15th-century farce, they span the Middle Ages, both chronologically and generically. Focused yet considering a wide range of texts, they shine new light on the heroine and how she behaves, including how she herself uses discourse.



Violence Against Women in Medieval Texts
Edited by Anna Roberts

This volume brings together specialists from different areas of medieval literary study to focus on the role of habits of thought in shaping attitudes toward women during the Middle Ages.




Use code ICMS20 for discount prices and free shipping through May 31, 2020.


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