Although the Florida Native Plant Society annual conference has been canceled, our books are still available in our FNPS Gardening Book Sale. We are offering extra deep discount prices and free shipping on all orders with code FNPS20 through May 31, 2020. Browse all books here. Need to know what’s new this year? View highlights below.


The Nature of Plants: An Introduction to How Plants Work
Craig N. Huegel

Plants play a critical role in how we experience our environment. They create calming green spaces, provide oxygen for us to breathe, and nourish our senses. In The Nature of Plants, ecologist and nursery owner Craig Huegel demystifies the complex lives of plants and provides readers with an elucidating journey into their inner and outer workings.




A Step-by-Step Guide to a Florida Native Yard
Ginny Stibolt and Marjorie Shropshire

More and more Florida residents are deciding to replace highly fertilized, over-watered, pesticide-dependent lawns with native plants. They want to reduce their carbon footprints; save time, water, and money; and attract birds and butterflies. But where to begin? This illustrated guide helps readers get started creating new outdoor spaces that are both sustainable and beautiful.




Flora of Florida, Volume VII: Dicotyledons, Orobanchaceae through Asteraceae
Richard P. Wunderlin, Bruce F. Hansen, and Alan R. Franck

This seventh volume of the Flora of Florida collection continues the definitive and comprehensive identification manual to the Sunshine State’s 4,400 kinds of native and non-native ferns and fern allies, nonflowering seed plants, and flowering seed plants. Volume VII concludes the taxonomic treatments of Florida’s dicotyledons. All seven volumes are included in the sale.


Grasses of Florida
David W. Hall

Grasses are the fourth largest family of flowering plants worldwide. In Florida, grasses occur in every habitat and are the dominant ground cover across many regions. Grasses of Florida is the first complete systematic account of the grasses that occur in the wild throughout the state.




Trees: South Florida and the Keys
Andrew K. Koeser, Melissa H. Friedman, Gitta Hasing, Alan R. Franck, Holly Finley, and Julie Schelb

This sturdy, pocket-sized field guide to 180 common tree species is designed for landscape professionals, arborists, naturalists, gardeners, and anyone seeking to know the trees around them.




The Greenway Imperative: Connecting Communities and Landscapes for a Sustainable Future
Charles A. Flink

In this eye-opening journey through some of America’s most innovative landscape architecture projects, Charles Flink shows why we urgently need greenways. A leading authority in greenway planning, design, and development, Flink presents inspiring examples of communities that have come together to build permanent spaces for the life-sustaining power of nature.



Drying Up: The Fresh Water Crisis in Florida
John M. Dunn

America’s wettest state is running out of water. Yes, Florida—with its swamps, lakes, extensive coastlines, and legends of life-giving springs—faces a drinking water crisis that most people don’t see coming. Drying Up is a wake-up call and a hard look at what the future holds for those who call Florida home.



Florida Weather and Climate: More Than Just Sunshine
Jennifer M. Collins, Robert V. Rohli, and Charles H. Paxton

With many maps, helpful diagrams, and clear explanations, this book is an illuminating and accessible guide to Florida’s dramatic weather and climate.




Use code FNPS20 for discount prices and free shipping through May 31, 2020.


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