10032019134511_500x500Tossed to the Wind: Stories of Hurricane Maria Survivors
By María T. Padilla and Nancy Rosado

From author María T. Padilla:

In October 2017, a month after Maria ripped through Puerto Rico as a high Category 4 hurricane, Nancy Rosado visited the island to take supplies of solar light bulbs and other material to the devastated population. People were still stunned but piecing together some semblance of their former lives. Here are some outtakes of Rosado’s photos that didn’t make it into our book, Tossed to the Wind, a collection of oral histories of more than a dozen people who fled Puerto Rico for central Florida in the aftermath of near total destruction and deprivation on the island.

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View more photos and read interviews with Hurricane Maria survivors in Tossed to the Wind.

María T. Padilla is the former editor of La Prensa in Orlando and founding editor of El Sentinel, the Spanish-language sister newspaper of the Orlando Sentinel. Nancy Rosado is a retired NYPD sergeant, whose disaster response experience includes 9/11, the Pulse Night Club and Parkland shootings, as well as hurricanes Katrina and Maria.




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