This selection of books offers readers the chance to delve into Florida’s music scene. Read about Gainesville’s place in the story of American rock and roll, the Jacksonville bands that reset the course of seventies rock, and the state’s rich soul music history.

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Jacksonville and the Roots of Southern Rock
Michael Ray FitzGerald

In this book, FitzGerald blends eyewitness detail with in-depth history to tell the story of how the River City bred a generation of legendary musicians. Including The Allman Brothers Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackfoot, 38 Special, and Molly Hatchet, Jacksonville and the Roots of Southern Rock shines a light on the artists and songs that powered a phenomenon.

Gamble Rogers: A Troubadour’s Life
Bruce Horovitz

Horovitz tells the story of how Gamble Rogers infused Florida’s rapidly commercializing landscape with a refreshing dose of homegrown authenticity and how his music and personality touched the nation.

Phil Gernhard, Record Man
Bill DeYoung

Phil Gernhard, Record Man is the story of a self-made music mogul who produced hits that rocked the airwaves and resonated throughout the country. DeYoung offers an intimate portrait of an eccentric and troubled musical genius.

Florida Soul: From Ray Charles to KC and the Sunshine Band
John Capouya

This book tells the story of Ray Charles’s musical upbringing in Florida, highlights the careers of James and Bobby Purify, reveals how Hank Ballard created his international hit “The Twist,” and covers many other great artists. Celebrate Florida’s rich soul music history with Florida Soul.

Elvis Ignited: The Rise of an Icon in Florida
Bob Kealing

Elvis Ignited tracks the rising star through his tours of Florida, from 1955 to 1956. Kealing interviews people who saw the King up close, recalling the time-stands-still memories of hearing his iconic songs for the first time.

Music Everywhere: The Rock and Roll Roots of a Southern Town
Marty Jourard

Music Everywhere brings to light a key chapter in the history of American rock and roll. Focusing on Gainesville, Florida, and including the early years of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, this is the story of the people, the town, and a culture that nurtured a wellspring of talent.

Calling Me Home: Gram Parsons and the Roots of Country Rock
Bob Kealing

Known as the father of country rock, Gram Parsons created a timeless and transformative musical legacy. In Calling Me Home, Kealing traces the entire arc of Parson’s career, emphasizing his Southern roots.

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