12182019175841_500x500“Significant. Provides illustrations of many plants in Florida and the southeastern United States, which are unique, novel, and generally not available for most of the species.”—Alan R. Franck, coauthor of Flora of Florida, Volume VII

“A wonderful field guide to Florida plants for newcomers and longtime residents alike.”—Patti J. Anderson, botanist, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

This extensively illustrated volume is an indispensable identification guide to nearly 1,400 species of plants, both common and rare, found in Florida and neighboring coastal states. It contains frequently occurring wildflowers, shrubs, and herbaceous plants from the region, and includes select grasses, rushes, and trees.

For each species, Illustrated Plants of Florida and the Coastal Plain: Second Edition features a carefully rendered illustration, the plant’s vernacular and scientific names along with synonyms that have been used to refer to it, and a short description that includes the plant’s habitat, range, frequency, flowering times, and origin. Reflecting recent changes in classification by using the most current names and taxonomies, this second edition arranges plant families according to their relationship with each other in a user-friendly system. It is also updated with over 200 new illustrations.

The book is an ideal resource for both experienced gardeners and beginners, and its images can serve as a useful supplement to text-based references for professionals. As home landscapers and horticulture experts turn their attention to the benefits of cultivating native plants, this book provides vital information on the sources of species Florida residents might encounter, helping readers navigate the diverse and continually increasing flora of the state.
David W. Hall is the owner and operator of an environmental consulting firm in Gainesville, Florida, and is the former director of plant identification and information services at the University of Florida. He is author or coauthor of several books on plant identification and forensics, including Grasses of Florida.

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