This August, the University Press of Florida is offering a sale on our Florida history and anthropology titles. Use code FLA21 for discount prices and free shipping through August 31, 2021. Browse all books here. To help you shop, we highlight some of our recent and award-winning Florida titles below.

12222020195516_500x500The Nine Lives of Florida’s Famous Key Marco Cat
Austin J. Bell

The story of an iconic artifact that has prevailed over impossibly long odds, this book explores the deep past of the Key Marco Cat, fascinating readers with the miracle and beauty of this rare example of pre-Columbian art.



10312019190437_500x500The Governors of Florida
Edited by R. Boyd Murphree and Robert A. Taylor

Florida Book Awards, Gold Medal in Florida Nonfiction

An unparalleled two-hundred-year history of Florida’s highest office, this volume provides the first in-depth examination of all of Florida’s chief executives from the acquisition of Spanish Florida by the United States and the appointment of Andrew Jackson as the territory’s first governor in 1821 to the end of Rick Scott’s tenure in 2019.

10022019183926_500x500Yamato Colony: The Pioneers Who Brought Japan to Florida
Ryusuke Kawai, translated by John Gregersen and Reiko Nishioka

Florida Historical Society Harry T. And Harriette V. Moore Award

Opening a window onto the little-known Japanese-American heritage of Florida, Yamato Colony is the true tale of a daring immigrant venture that left behind an important legacy. Ryusuke Kawai tells how a Japanese farming settlement came to be in south Florida, far from other Japanese communities in the United States.

10222019133555_500x500Latino Orlando: Suburban Transformation and Racial Conflict
Simone Delerme

Latino Orlando portrays the experiences of first- and second-generation immigrants who have come to the Orlando metropolitan area from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, and other Latin American countries. While much research on immigration focuses on urban destinations, Simone Delerme delves into a middle- and upper-class suburban context, highlighting the profound demographic and cultural transformation of an overlooked immigrant hub.

Bioarchaeology of the Florida Gulf Coast: Adaptation, Conflict, and Change
Dale L. Hutchinson

In Bioarchaeology of the Florida Gulf Coast, Dale Hutchinson explores the role of human adaptation along the Gulf Coast of Florida and the influence of coastal foraging on several indigenous Florida populations.


07082019193250_500x500The Public Health Nurses of Jim Crow Florida
Christine Ardalan
Available in Paperback November 2021

Florida Historical Society Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore Award

Highlighting the long unacknowledged role of a group of pioneering professional women, The Public Health Nurses of Jim Crow Florida tells the story of healthcare workers who battled racism in a state where white supremacy formed the bedrock of society. They aimed to serve those people out of reach of modern medical care.

Browse all Florida titles here
Use code FLA21 for discount prices and free shipping through August 31, 2021.

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