This year’s Modernist Studies Association Conference has been canceled. However, our virtual booth is open through December 15, 2021 and offers great deals on our Modernist literature titles. Use code MSA21 for discount prices and free shipping.

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Read on for highlights and bonus material from this year’s exhibit 

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Highlights from Our Virtual Booth
Use code MSA21 for discounts and free shipping


Dissensuous Modernism: Women Writers, the Senses, and Technology

Allyson C. DeMaagd

Placing women writers at the center of the sensory and technological experimentation that characterized the modernist movement, this book shows how women of the era challenged gendered narratives that limited their power and agency and waged dissent through their radical sensuous writing.



Joyce Writing Disability

Edited by Jeremy Colangelo

The Florida James Joyce Series

In this book, the first to explore the role of disability in the writings of James Joyce, contributors examine the varying ways in which Joyce’s texts represent disability and the environmental conditions of his time that stigmatized, isolated, and othered individuals with disabilities.


Rewriting Joyce’s Europe: The Politics of Language and Visual Design

Tekla Mecsnóber

The Florida James Joyce Series

This book sheds light on how the text and physical design of James Joyce’s two most challenging works, Ulysses and Finnegans Wake, reflect changes that transformed Europe between World Wars I and II.



Ordinary Masochisms: Agency and Desire in Victorian and Modernist Fiction

Jennifer Mitchell

Ordinary Masochisms reveals how literary works from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries frequently challenged the prevailing view of masochism as a deviant behavior, an opinion supported by many sexologists and psychoanalysts in the 1800s. In these texts, Mitchell highlights everyday examples of characters deriving pleasure from pain.


Language as Prayer in Finnegans Wake

Colleen Jaurretche

The Florida James Joyce Series

This innovative analysis shows how James Joyce uses the language of prayer to grapple with intangible things in his dreamlike masterpiece Finnegans Wake. Colleen Jaurretche moves beyond what scholars know about how Joyce wrote this work to suggest exactly why it follows the order it does in its finished form.


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Click Here to View all Titles in Our Virtual Booth

Use code MSA21 for discount prices and free shipping through December 15, 2021.

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