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The Cuban Sandwich: A History in Layers
Andrew T. Huse, Barbara C. Cruz, and Jeff Houck

This book reveals the social history behind how the Cuban sandwich evolved from its origins in the midnight cafés of Havana to claim a spot on menus around the world.

“An excellent, approachable resource on Cuban history told through the complexities of a beloved food item. Highly recommended for foodies and history buffs.”—Library Journal, Starred Review

Ninety Miles and a Lifetime Away: Memories of Early Cuban Exiles
David Powell

Bringing together an unprecedented number of extensive personal stories, this book shares the triumphs and heartbreaking moments experienced by some of the first Cubans to come to the United States after Fidel Castro took power in 1959.

Home in Florida: Latinx Writers and the Literature of Uprootedness
Edited by Anjanette Delgado

This collection features fiction, essays, and poetry from some of the most talented contemporary Latinx writers who have called Florida home. Celebrated writers like Jaquira Díaz, Richard Blanco, and Patricia Engel, along with many new voices, reflect on heartbreak, belonging, uprootedness, and what exactly makes Florida home.

The Letters of Minerva Mirabal and Manolo Tavárez: Love and Resistance in the Time of Trujillo
Minou Tavárez Mirabal
Introduction and Translation by Heather Hennes

This volume presents a translation and critical edition of the letters between Dominican revolutionaries Minerva Mirabal Reyes and Manolo Tavárez Justo, which tell an intimate story of life and love under the brutal dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo.

La Florida: Five Hundred Years of Hispanic Presence
Edited by Viviana Díaz Balsera and Rachel A. May

This volume traces five hundred years of Hispanic culture, politics, and history in Florida. Melding history, literature, anthropology, music, culture, and sociology, La Florida is a unique exploration of the Hispanic roots that run deep in Florida’s past and will shape its future.

Portraits of Cuba
Daniel Duncan, Marcela Vásquez-León, and Dereka Rushbrook

Through dynamic photographs of daily life across Cuba, this book depicts how Cubans of all ages and walks of life navigate the challenges and changes transforming the island today.

Cuba and Puerto Rico: Transdisciplinary Approaches to History, Literature, and Culture
Edited by Carmen Haydée Rivera and Jorge Duany

In this first systematic comparative study of Cuba and Puerto Rico from both a historical and contemporary perspective, contributors highlight the interconnectedness of the two archipelagos and encourage a more nuanced and multifaceted study of the relationships between the islands and their diasporas.

Available in February 2023. Pre-order now!

The Versailles Restaurant Cookbook
Ana Quincoces and Nicole Valls

Miami’s Versailles Restaurant has been at the heart of the Cuban-American community for decades. Through these surprisingly easy recipes, you can prepare bold and savory dishes from the Versailles and bring a taste of Little Havana home.

The Mariel Boatlift: A Cuban-American Journey
Victor Andres Triay

Set against the backdrop of a dramatic refugee crisis, The Mariel Boatlift tells the stories of Cuban immigrants to the United States who overcame frightening circumstances to build new lives in their adopted country.

Tossed to the Wind: Stories of Hurricane Maria Survivors
María T. Padilla and Nancy Rosado

Tossed to the Wind presents gripping first-hand accounts from Hurricane Maria evacuees. Puerto Ricans of the diaspora describe living through one of the deadliest natural disasters on U.S. soil and reflect on how they, and the island, endured.

Anthology of Spanish American Thought and Culture
Edited by Jorge Aguilar Mora, Josefa Salmón, and Barbara C. Ewell

This anthology unites more than sixty primary texts to offer an introduction to Spanish American thought and culture. Myths, poetry, memoirs, and manifestos are translated from Spanish to English, some for the first time.

Picturing Cuba: Art, Culture, and Identity on the Island and in the Diaspora
Edited by Jorge Duany

Encompassing works by Cubans on the island, in exile, and born in America, this volume looks at three centuries of Cuban art to offer a kaleidoscopic view of the island’s people, culture, and history. 

Transnational Hispaniola: New Directions in Haitian and Dominican Studies
Edited by April J. Mayes and Kiran C. Jayaram

Through topics like migration, European colonialism, literature, music, and art, this volume demonstrates alternate ways of seeing the histories and futures of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Univision, Telemundo, and the Rise of Spanish-Language Television in the United States
Craig Allen

This history of Spanish-language television in the United States charts the development of Univision and Telemundo. Craig tells the inside story of how these networks rose as giants of mass communication and changed U.S. television history.

Works in Translation

Check out these works of poetry, history, and biography translated from Spanish.

Autoepitaph: Selected Poems
Reinaldo Arenas
Edited by Camelly Cruz-Martes
Translated by Kelly Washbourne

This bilingual volume is the first and only career-spanning collection of Arenas’s poetry in translation. Verse and prose poems, including previously unpublished works, from the famous Cuban writer in exile appear in the original Spanish with powerful English translations.

The Insistence of Harm
Fernando Valverde
Translated by Allen Josephs and Laura Juliet Wood

In this award-winning collection, the acclaimed contemporary poet Fernando Valverde attempts to transcend the pain of aging, death, and lost love through language.

In the Vortex of the Cyclone: Selected Poems
Excilia Saldaña
Edited and Translated by Flora M. González Mandri and Rosamond Rosenmeier

This bilingual anthology contains lullabies, letters, autobiography, reflections, and more from  poet and professor Excilia Saldaña. This collection makes the work of Saldaña, who was famous in Cuba but little-known abroad, available in English for the first time.

Tampa: Impressions of an Emigrant
Wenceslao Gálvez y Delmonte
Translated by Noel M. Smith
Introduction and Notes by Noel M. Smith and Andrew T. Huse

This narrative of a nineteenth-century Cuban émigré brings to life the early Cuban exile communities in Tampa during the Spanish-American War.

Rómulo Betancourt: His Historical Personality and the Genesis of Modern Democracy in Venezuela
Germán Carrera Damas
Translated by Elizabeth Lowe

Available in English for the first time, this book is an extended essay on the “father of Venezuelan democracy,” who overthrew the ruling military dictatorship in the 1940s and established a modern democratic state.

Journal: Spanish as a Heritage Language

In collaboration with the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies at the University of Florida, Spanish as a Heritage Language is an international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the theory—and practice—of heritage speaker bilingualism. The first issue of the journal is available for free here and you can view information about all issues here.

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