This year’s Florida Anthropological Society conference was held in St. Augustine from May 12 to 14. Our virtual booth is open through June 30, 2023 and offers great deals on our Florida anthropology and archaeology titles. Use code FAS23 for discount prices and free shipping within the U.S. on orders over $75.

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New Titles
Use code FAS23 for discounts and free shipping within the U.S. for orders over $75

En Bas Saline: A Taíno Town before and after Columbus
Kathleen Deagan

Life in an Indigenous town during an understudied era of Haitian history  
“A rich body of data that can be used by many future generations. A great contribution to Caribbean archaeology and to the study of early European colonization of the Americas.”—L. Antonio Curet, coeditor of Islands at the Crossroads: Migration, Seafaring, and Interaction in the Caribbean

A volume in the Florida Museum of Natural History: Ripley P. Bullen Series

Fisher-Hunter-Gatherer Complexity in North America
Edited by Christina Perry Sampson

Demonstrating the wide variation among complex hunter-gatherer communities in coastal settings  
“Moves beyond finding complexity in the hunter-gatherer archaeological record, instead exploring the historical processes, contingencies, and environments by which and in which foragers deployed the strategies that constitute complexity. A valuable contribution to the geographically expansive and temporally deep reconsideration under way about what it means to be a hunter-gatherer, and whether the concept retains utility.”—M. Gabriel Hrynick, coauthor of The Archaeology of the Atlantic Northeast    

A volume in the series Society and Ecology in Island and Coastal Archaeology, edited by Victor D. Thompson and Scott M. Fitzpatrick

The Archaeology of the Homed and the Unhomed
Daniel O. Sayers

The first comprehensive discussion of the historical archaeology of homelessness
“A deeply profound examination of the close relationship between being at home and being without a home. This thoughtful and innovative book promises to change the way archaeologists think about dwelling places and their varied meanings.”—Charles E. Orser, Jr., author of The Archaeology of Race and Racialization in Historic America

A volume in the series the American Experience in Archaeological Perspective, edited by Michael S. Nassaney and Krysta Ryzewski

Ancient Foodways: Integrative Approaches to Understanding Subsistence and Society
Edited by C. Margaret Scarry, Dale L. Hutchinson, and Benjamin S. Arbuckle

How archaeology can shed light on past foodways and social worlds
“Shows that integrating subsistence and foodways data is critical for a deeper understanding of the social, cultural, political, and religious implications of the plants and animals people ingest. An important volume.”—Tanya M. Peres, coeditor of Unearthing the Missions of Spanish Florida

Archaeology on the Threshold: Studies in the Processes of Change
Edited by Joseph D. Wardle, Robert K. Hitchcock, Matthew Schmader, and Pei-Lin Yu

New perspectives on transitions in human history  
“Presents novel archaeological perspectives on transitions, both geographic and temporal. Contributors combine a range of theoretical models to understand transitions while employing explicit methodological frameworks in diverse contexts.”—Anna Marie Prentiss, editor of Handbook of Evolutionary Research in Archaeology  

Click Here to View all Titles in Our Virtual Booth

Use code FAS23 for discounts and free shipping within the U.S. for orders over $75 through June 30, 2023.

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