Society for American Archaeology 2018

We visited Washington, D.C., last week to attend the Society for American Archaeology annual meeting. We had a great time displaying our archaeology books and meeting with everyone who visited us at our booth, including several of our authors:    M. Kathryn Brown and George J. Bey III, coeditors of Pathways to Complexity: A View from … Continue reading Society for American Archaeology 2018

British Forts and Their Communities

“A fresh approach to far-flung British forts that unravels the diverse ethnicities of each fort’s garrison and support community, thereby revealing the complex and imperfect ways British imperialists imposed colonialism across the globe.”—Gregory A. Waselkov, author of A Conquering Spirit: Fort Mims and the Redstick War of 1813–1814   “Demonstrates that the study of British forts … Continue reading British Forts and Their Communities

Pathways to Complexity

“A treasure trove of new information and fresh ideas about the origins of Maya civilization. Pathways to Complexity will help set the agenda for investigation of ancient Maya origins for many years to come.”—Christopher A. Pool, author of Olmec Archaeology and Early Mesoamerica  “An exciting volume with new discoveries, surprising evidence, bold interpretations, and much internal … Continue reading Pathways to Complexity

Ancient Psychoactive Substances

"This well-researched and fascinating volume not only demonstrates the important cultural role of psychoactive substances in ancient societies but also points the way to an emerging research field. The unveiling of the past history of drug use becomes a lesson for present-day society."—Jan G. Bruhn, founding editor, Journal of Ethnopharmacology "Presents a broad overview of drug … Continue reading Ancient Psychoactive Substances

Human Variation: More Than Skin Deep

Written by Elizabeth Weiss, author of Reading the Bones: Activity, Biology, and Culture.   I love bones. My appreciation of the beauty of skeletal anatomy started at a very young age. As a child, my favorite toys were anatomical models that I had to build up like a 3-dimensional puzzle. One involved putting together an … Continue reading Human Variation: More Than Skin Deep

Investigating the Ordinary

"Makes the case that the everyday should and does matter in archaeology. The content is fresh, the approaches are varied, and the case is convincing."—Adam King, editor of Archaeology in South Carolina: Exploring the Hidden Heritage of the Palmetto State Focusing on the daily concerns, activities, and routine events of people in the past, Investigating the Ordinary: … Continue reading Investigating the Ordinary