Virtual Booth Sales Extended

Since conferences we usually attend in the spring have been canceled due to COVID-19 concerns, we are hosting virtual booths with deep discounts on our books and free shipping. All discounts have been extended through June 30. OAH History Sale Visit Our Virtual Booth Use code OAH20 at checkout. SAA and AAPA Archaeology Sale Visit … Continue reading Virtual Booth Sales Extended

The Archaeology Of Right Now

By Chelsea Rose, coeditor of Chinese Diaspora Archaeology in North America This article first appeared in the May/June issue of the Jefferson Journal. I am writing this in mid-April, roughly a month into extreme social distancing measures. As I write, I am watching a pair of Steller’s jays outside my makeshift office (formerly known as the … Continue reading The Archaeology Of Right Now

The Archaeology of Magic

“An excellent contribution to scholarship, charting new directions for research on folk religions in New England. Augé presents vital insights into the interplay of gender roles, motivations for manipulating spiritual forces, and material expressions of magical conduct.”—Christopher C. Fennell, author of Crossroads and Cosmologies: Diasporas and Ethnogenesis in the New World “In its application of historical … Continue reading The Archaeology of Magic

Update from the Editor: SAA 2020

Meredith Morris-Babb, University Press of Florida acquisitions editor for archaeology, shares her thoughts on the cancellations of this season's archaeology meetings and introduces the new and exciting archaeology titles in our SAA virtual booth. SAA 2020: The Conference that Wasn't This year I had planned on back-to-back archaeology conferences—AAPA in Los Angeles and the next … Continue reading Update from the Editor: SAA 2020

Ancient West Mexicos

“This volume highlights the new theoretical and methodological approaches being used by researchers in the large Mesoamerican territory considered to be western Mexico. Not focused on a single area, the chapters cover most parts of the region and range temporally from the Formative to the Late Postclassic periods.”—Helen Perlstein Pollard, author of Taríacuri's Legacy: The Prehispanic … Continue reading Ancient West Mexicos

Your Guide to Our 2020 SAA Archaeology Sale

Although the annual meetings of the Society for American Archaeology and the American Association for Physical Anthropologists have been canceled, our books are still available in our SAA Archaeology Book Sale. We are offering extra deep discount prices and free shipping on all orders with code SAA20 through May 17, 2020. Browse all books here. … Continue reading Your Guide to Our 2020 SAA Archaeology Sale


“Contributes to our understanding of the complex, nuanced, nearly ubiquitous, and lengthy relationship between humans and domesticated dogs. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies and the incorporation of traditional indigenous knowledge and belief systems, this group of scholars pushes the boundaries of what we can and should be doing with archaeological dog remains.”—Tanya M. Peres, … Continue reading Dogs

Chinese Diaspora Archaeology in North America

“A strong presentation of ideas for advancing archaeological research on the challenges confronted and opportunities created by Chinese men and women who made their lives outside their homeland.”—Charles E. Orser Jr., author of The Archaeology of Race and Racialization in Historic America “This volume is the future of archaeological research on North America’s Chinese diaspora. The … Continue reading Chinese Diaspora Archaeology in North America

Contact, Colonialism, and Native Communities in the Southeastern United States

“An important volume that will become an indispensable resource, providing a much-needed update on early contact in the North American Southeast with a rich emphasis on the agency and social lives of past indigenous communities.”—David H. Dye, editor of New Deal Archaeology in Tennessee: Intellectual, Methodological, and Theoretical Contributions The years AD 1500–1700 were a time … Continue reading Contact, Colonialism, and Native Communities in the Southeastern United States

Historical Ecology and Archaeology in the Galápagos Islands

“Highly original. A major contribution to the human history and cultural ecology of the Galápagos Islands. The authors have woven together topics as diverse as global economics, historical archaeology, and biodiversity in their study of one of the world’s most intellectually stimulating archipelagos.”—David Steadman, Florida Museum of Natural History “This superb work adds a significant … Continue reading Historical Ecology and Archaeology in the Galápagos Islands