The Archaeology of the Logging Industry

“A comprehensive and informative survey of archaeological findings on one of America’s earliest, most widespread, and longest-lived industries.”—Paul J. White, author of The Archaeology of American Mining “Franzen has done a real service to historical archaeology by providing this synthesis of the logging industry, an important element in the American experience that has languished invisibly in … Continue reading The Archaeology of the Logging Industry

Disposing of Modernity

“This remarkable study of modern life expands historical archaeology in exciting, bold ways. We finally have a book that provides fresh perspectives on modernity and its everyday meanings to people living with its implications.”—Charles E. Orser Jr., author of The Archaeology of Race and Racialization in Historic America “Innovative. Assessing how social, economic, and cultural life … Continue reading Disposing of Modernity

Robert J. Walker

“The story of Robert J. Walker is quite interesting and is an excellent example of how historical research can provide detailed context and illustrate the significance of dive sites. It shows the ultimately rewarding results of partnerships, mutual respect, and cooperation.”—Della A. Scott-Ireton, editor of Between the Devil and the Deep: Meeting Challenges in the Public Interpretation of … Continue reading Robert J. Walker

New Editors-in-Chief of Bioarchaeology International Journal

The University of Florida Press is pleased to announce that Dr. Gwen Robbins Schug and Dr. Siân E. Halcrow have been appointed the new coeditors-in-chief of Bioarchaeology International. This journal, which has been led to date by the founding coeditors-in-chief, Dr. Brenda J. Baker and Dr. Sabrina C. Agarwal, is the flagship journal for the … Continue reading New Editors-in-Chief of Bioarchaeology International Journal

Archaeological Interpretations

“Tackles one of the most difficult problems in prehistoric archaeology: How can we approach an emic point of view? That is, how can we come to know how the participants in a given extinct, nonliterate culture saw themselves and understood their world? The authors do this with considerable success.”—Monica Barnes, editor, Andean Past “In seeking to … Continue reading Archaeological Interpretations

World Hydrography Day, the U.S. Coast Survey, and “Robert J. Walker”

By Stephen D. Nagiewicz, coauthor of "Robert J. Walker": The History and Archaeology of a U.S. Coast Survey Steamship This book is available at a discount price and free shipping as part of our SAA virtual booth. Order here and use code SAA20, valid through June 30.   Thomas Jefferson was one of our nation’s … Continue reading World Hydrography Day, the U.S. Coast Survey, and “Robert J. Walker”

Bioarchaeology and Identity Revisited

“Demonstrates the continuing efficacy of an identity-oriented approach to exploring past lives and lifeways via human skeletal remains and their archaeological settings.”—Alexis T. Boutin, coeditor of Remembering the Dead in the Ancient Near East: Recent Contributions from Bioarchaeology and Mortuary Archaeology “Breaks new ground. This thought-provoking collection of case studies from around the world engages multiple … Continue reading Bioarchaeology and Identity Revisited

Virtual Booth Sales Extended

Since conferences we usually attend in the spring have been canceled due to COVID-19 concerns, we are hosting virtual booths with deep discounts on our books and free shipping. All discounts have been extended through June 30. OAH History Sale Visit Our Virtual Booth Use code OAH20 at checkout. SAA and AAPA Archaeology Sale Visit … Continue reading Virtual Booth Sales Extended

The Archaeology Of Right Now

By Chelsea Rose, coeditor of Chinese Diaspora Archaeology in North America This article first appeared in the May/June issue of the Jefferson Journal. I am writing this in mid-April, roughly a month into extreme social distancing measures. As I write, I am watching a pair of Steller’s jays outside my makeshift office (formerly known as the … Continue reading The Archaeology Of Right Now

The Archaeology of Magic

“An excellent contribution to scholarship, charting new directions for research on folk religions in New England. Augé presents vital insights into the interplay of gender roles, motivations for manipulating spiritual forces, and material expressions of magical conduct.”—Christopher C. Fennell, author of Crossroads and Cosmologies: Diasporas and Ethnogenesis in the New World “In its application of historical … Continue reading The Archaeology of Magic