Great Waves and Mountains

“This volume successfully brings the vibrant history of museum and individual collecting of Japanese art into a new focus. New readings of archival matter and past histories contribute to a deeper understanding of the continuity of interest in Japanese art and culture in North America.”—Amy G. Poster, curator emerita, Asian Art, Brooklyn Museum “Offers a roadmap … Continue reading Great Waves and Mountains

Internal Logic

Maggie Taylor’s digital creations are emblematic, afterimages that invite, transport, and are unforgettable. Taylor’s images are built, layer by layer and object by object, through a disciplined studio process of trial and error. It is only through looking at dozens of these images, and spending time with them, that one begins to unravel the artist’s … Continue reading Internal Logic

In Memory of Jerry Uelsmann

We are saddened to share the news that Jerry Uelsmann, University Press of Florida author, University of Florida emeritus photography professor, and groundbreaking surrealist photo artist, has passed away at age 87.Uelsmann pioneered darkroom techniques for layering film negatives to create absorbing and otherworldly black-and-white photomontages. His many photo collections published with the University Press … Continue reading In Memory of Jerry Uelsmann

Picturing the Space Shuttle: The Early Years

Rare views of the beginnings of the historic space program, selected and presented by two leading space flight authorities“[An] excellent photographic history. . . . In its comprehensive approach and its introduction of images not often seen, Picturing the Space Shuttle is a collectible time capsule of the first decades of one of NASA’s crowning achievements.”—Foreword Reviews “A … Continue reading Picturing the Space Shuttle: The Early Years


“This unique and splendid volume contains insights into cultural creativity stretching from Medieval Spain to Mughal India, from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean. It obliterates dichotomies of East-West, Christian-Muslim, and religious-secular, replacing them with Islamicate traces of dalliance and delight for all who explore these well-wrought essays. Magnificently illustrated.”—Bruce B. Lawrence, author of Who Is … Continue reading Intersections

Images from Alfred Hair

The undervalued force behind the Highwaymen phenomenon Alfred Hair: Heart of the Highwaymen is a long-awaited testament to the life and work of a painter whose energy and creativity were foundational to the success of his fellow African American artists during the era of Jim Crow segregation.   From the author, Gary Monroe: Alfred Hair arrived … Continue reading Images from Alfred Hair

Alfred Hair

The undervalued force behind the Highwaymen phenomenon “Monroe’s collection stuns, a brilliant portrait of a young artist who died before witnessing his impact on a generation of regional artists and art collectors.”—Publishers Weekly “Hair’s story is fascinating. The themes Monroe discusses are relevant to today’s sociopolitical climate as we further evaluate our sense of place … Continue reading Alfred Hair

Portraits of Cuba

Scenes from Havana to Santiago “This vibrant work explores everyday life in contemporary Cuba. . . . The accessibly written entries are packed with information. . . . Those interested in Cuban culture, as well as armchair travelers, will find plenty to appreciate.”—Publishers Weekly “Duncan's photos take over the pages, and alongside the colorful visuals … Continue reading Portraits of Cuba

The Greenway Imperative

“Practitioner, philosopher, and pragmatist, no one knows more about greenways than Chuck Flink. This book tells the story of communities that have transformed neglected places into prosperous places, but it also sets out a compelling vision for a national network of interconnected trails and greenspaces that can provide multiple benefits for people, communities, and our … Continue reading The Greenway Imperative

Intern Guest Post: “The World to Come” Artists Imagine Futures from Ruins

Written by Melissa Nunez, marketing intern at the University Press of Florida While looking at The World to Come: Art in the Age of the Anthropocene, I realized how my work as an artist can relate to some of the ideas that were brought up by curator Kerry Oliver-Smith. Distributed by the University Press of … Continue reading Intern Guest Post: “The World to Come” Artists Imagine Futures from Ruins