Fall 2021 Virtual Booths

This fall, while some conferences are planning in person meetings, many are still offering online formats or hybrid options. We are hosting online virtual booths and book sales on our website in connection with the meetings below. Whether you are attending these meetings in person or virtually, visit our virtual booths for deep discounts on … Continue reading Fall 2021 Virtual Booths

Situated Narratives and Sacred Dance

“As is fitting for its subject, this work is a blend of forms, inputs, voices, and visions.  Collectively they reveal the complexity of the study and practice of ‘Afro-Cuban’ religion. They constitute an authoritative, potentially discipline-altering, stance on the question of African origins embodied in the presumed distinction between the Lucumí and Arará traditions. The … Continue reading Situated Narratives and Sacred Dance

Todd Bolender, Janet Reed, and the Making of American Ballet

Read an excerpt from this book in Oregon ArtsWatch. “An engagingly written account of dancers who surmounted every obstacle, foreign and domestic, to help bring about the creation of American ballet. It is also a fascinating, detailed look at the way cultural institutions evolved through the dedication and artistry of star dancers.”—Lewis Segal, former dance … Continue reading Todd Bolender, Janet Reed, and the Making of American Ballet

Q&A with Gavin Larsen, author of Being a Ballerina

In Being a Ballerina: The Power and Perfection of a Dancing Life, Gavin Larsen—a former professional ballet dancer—describes the forces that drive a person to study dance; the daily balance that dancers navigate between hardship and joy; and the dancer’s continual quest to discover who they are as a person and as an artist. Get … Continue reading Q&A with Gavin Larsen, author of Being a Ballerina

Q&A with Stuart Hodes, author of Onstage with Martha Graham

In Onstage with Martha Graham, Stuart Hodes—a dancer, choreographer, and instructor—describes his experiences dancing with the Martha Graham Dance Company from 1946 to 1958. His memoir is a rare firsthand view of the dance world in the 1940s and through the end of the twentieth century.   We asked Stuart Hodes a few questions about his new … Continue reading Q&A with Stuart Hodes, author of Onstage with Martha Graham

Onstage with Martha Graham

From bomber pilot to lifelong dancer “Hodes’s voice rings clear and impeccably his own. I relish his up-close stories about Martha Graham, a creator he admired and served, and his artist’s reflections, expressed with insight and a force undiminished throughout a long and vibrant life in dance.”—Sally Hess, former codirector, Swarthmore College Dance Program “Hodes … Continue reading Onstage with Martha Graham

Finding Balanchine’s Lost Ballets

“A complete and lively account of what it is to envision and stage an important lost ballet. Based on assiduous research, professional dance acumen, and creative imagination, it reads like an adventure story.”—Millicent Hodson and Kenneth Archer, dance reconstructionists, Ballets Old & New“A fascinating blueprint for how a ‘lost’ ballet can be brought back to … Continue reading Finding Balanchine’s Lost Ballets

The Inspiration behind A Revolution in Movement

By K. Mitchell Snow, author of A Revolution in Movement: Dancers, Painters, and the Image of Modern Mexico Visiting the National Gallery of Art’s exhibition Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes, I was drawn to Auguste Rodin’s roughly modeled form of Nijinsky in L’Après-midi d’un Faune, shot through with a barely restrained animal vitality. But it was … Continue reading The Inspiration behind A Revolution in Movement