Sallie Ann Robinson’s Kitchen

“Robinson is an inviting and charming guide, as she introduces classic seafood-focused recipes for salads (shrimp, tomato, and red onion), sides (seafood fried rice with crabmeat, oysters, and shrimp), and basic mains such as a blue crab stew, crispy fried grouper, or shrimp and blue crab burgers. . . . This delightful cookbook also serves … Continue reading Sallie Ann Robinson’s Kitchen

Organic Food and Farming Summit 2018

Last weekend, we attended the second annual Organic Food and Farming Summit hosted by Florida Organic Growers in Gainesville, Florida. It was great to meet with local farmers and display a collection of our books on gardening, cooking, and foodways in Florida. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to visit us at our table!    … Continue reading Organic Food and Farming Summit 2018

Coconuts and Collards

"Diaz grew up shuttled between Puerto Rico and Atlanta, and her appreciation for both cultures and their rich culinary histories is showcased in this delightful collection of Puerto Rican comfort food recipes. . . . Alongside the recipes, Diaz also shares stories from her family history, an often tumultuous one grounded by memories of food prepared … Continue reading Coconuts and Collards

Recipe: Latkes by Norman Van Aken

BY NORMAN VAN AKEN, AUTHOR OF NORMAN VAN AKEN’S FLORIDA KITCHEN A version of this article first appeared on Norman Van Aken’s WLRN program “A Word on Food.”   The rich tapestry of Jewish cooking finally reached my born-in-the-farmland-of-Northern-Illinois consciousness in the town of Boca Raton, where many transplanted New Yorkers came to escape the … Continue reading Recipe: Latkes by Norman Van Aken